SPONSORED: Captain Monique Lamb Takes the Helm of Belize Aggressor III

Belize native achieves her dream to become yacht captain.

Belize City, Belize—Monique Lamb began her career on the Belize Aggressor III®dive yacht as a dive master, but she will soon take the helm piloting the 18-passenger, 110-foot motor vessel on the Caribbean Sea. Lamb recently earner her Master of Yachts 200-ton Power certification from International Yacht Training in Florida,  making her the first female Belize Aggressor captain in the operation’s 36-year history. She joins the ranks of many female Aggressor Adventures® yacht captains worldwide.

“This is a very proud moment for me, my son, my family, my friends and my country, Belize! The way I feel is indescribable. I am so honored to create a path for other females in Belize. How can our local females want to become a boat captain if they haven’t seen it happen before? If I have inspired one young girl, I have done a lot,” says Captain Monique Lamb, Belize Aggressor III®.  “My father, who piloted passenger ships in Belize, would refer to me his ‘pirate princess,’ but now he calls me ‘Captain!’”

Lamb graduated from the University of Belize with a degree in Marine Biology. Her career began as a scuba diver restoring coral reefs with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Environmental Research Institute. In 2014, she joined the staff of the Belize Aggressor III®as a dive guide.Through hard work and long nights of study, she completed her International Yacht Training courses.

“From a child,  I knew that my career would land me in the ocean. Being able to promote marine conservation awareness, and show off what we have in the pristine waters of Belize gives me great joy,” says Captain Lamb.  “I absolutely enjoy my job, and Aggressor Adventures® provides me with the best setting to fulfill my purpose.”

Belize Aggressor scuba diving and snorkeling charters are Saturday-to-Saturday. Activities begin Sunday morning and conclude Friday morning. Each week includes stops at Turneffe Islands, Lighthouse Reef and the world-famous Blue Hole. Weather permitting, guests may visit the Half Moon Caye national park and bird sanctuary to observe nesting sea birds like the red-footed booby. 

Belize Aggressor III® diving, airline and mainland tour reservations can be made online at www.aggressor.com, or by calling 800-348-2628 or +1-706-993-2531.

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