DEMA Show 2021 Seminar Descriptions

Recompression Chambers: What They Are and How They’re Used

Matias Nochetto, M.D., & Francois Burman, Pr.Eng., M.Sc 

We probably all know the nearest recompression chamber facility to our dive operation, but we may not be exactly sure what the chamber looks like or how it’s used. This is especially likely given the diversity of health care systems around the world. Chambers can be simple or very complex, but an injured diver can be effectively treated in nearly any type. Only a few basic systems are needed; the staff is more important than the equipment. This two-part presentation will cover both the chamber itself and the approach taken by the medical team. 

Bubble Update: Advances in Monitoring Venous Gas Bubbles After Dives 

Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.  

Studies using doppler and ultrasound technology to quantify gas bubbles in divers’ bloodstreams have been conducted for decades. While advances have been made, many questions are still unanswered: Why are some people more likely to bubble than others? How common are postdive bubbles in recreational divers? How accurate are bubble measurements and analyses with today’s technology? This talk will cover recent advances in bubble science, why it’s important, and what we hope to achieve by studying bubbles. 

DAN Medical Emergency Calls 

Camilo Saraiva, M.D., MBA 

This session will be an interactive discussion of the operational and medical aspects of recently reported dive accidents. In it we will review DAN’s role and capabilities in managing emergencies with the goal of increasing your and your divers’ safety and enhancing your understanding of DAN’s services. 

40 Years of the DAN Emergency Hotline

Matias Nochetto, M.D.

This is how DAN started — it’s what we’re best known for. Join us to learn about our journey, your calls, your emergencies, where we’ve been, and where we are heading. Ultimately it’s all about DAN being there for you. 

DAN Medical Information Calls and Emails

Camilo Saraiva, M.D., MBA

This session will be an interactive discussion of DAN medical information calls and emails. We will review the most frequently asked questions as well as some unusual ones. The purpose of this session is to demystify calling DAN and encourage dive professionals and their students to reach out to us when they need us.

Confounding Cases: Where Medicine and Engineering Come Together 

Matias Nochetto, M.D., & Francois Burman, Pr.Eng., M.Sc. 

Not all causes of accidents are clear-cut. Critical thinking is often needed to identify the likely causes of an injury before determining the best course of action to reach a diagnosis. Join us in this interactive discussion, and bring along your own expertise. 

Emergency Planning: Creating Emergency Action Plans for Your Dive Operation

Francois Burman, Pr.Eng., M.Sc

Accidents are an unfortunate reality in our industry, and the outcomes can be disastrous. Even when an accident is contained, the exposure to liability may loom large. Being prepared means knowing how to recognize potential emergencies, planning for them, and having the staff and equipment you need to manage them. Drafting your own realistic and achievable emergency action plans is key to all of this. In this talk we’ll cover how to compile emergency plans using a simple but effective tool.

Diving Incident and Fatality Reporting at DAN 

Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D. 

Among DAN’s injury monitoring initiatives are surveillance of fatal diving injuries and the Diving Incident Reporting System (DIRS). The two have different objectives, but both are designed to increase awareness of common safety concerns in diving and provide learning opportunities for the diving community. This talk will introduce DIRS and fatality surveillance and reveal how they started, their current status, where they are headed, and how you can help. 

DAN Examiner Update (for active DAN Examiners) 

Jim Gunderson 

This presentation will cover the role of DAN Examiners in the launch of Version 3.0 of DAN’s first aid courses. Other pertinent information about DAN first aid training will be covered as well. This presentation is for current DAN Examiners only. 

DAN Training Programs 

Jim Gunderson 

This session is open to all dive professionals and dive shop staff. We will cover DAN first aid programs, the release of Version 3.0, how to become a DAN Instructor, and the practicality and profitability of teaching DAN courses. We’ll include information about the bridging program from other agencies’ courses to DAN’s. 

DAN Instructor Update (for DAN Instructors & Instructor Trainers) 

Jim Gunderson 

This presentation will provide details about the rollout and implementation of Version 3.0 of DAN’s first aid courses and include other pertinent information about DAN first aid training. This session is open to all DAN Instructors and Instructor Trainers, whether active or inactive. 

DAN Instructor Upgrade, Instructor QualificationCourse (IQC), and Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW) 

Jim Gunderson 

This DAN IQC/ITW is open to anyone who meets the requirements to become a DAN Instructor or Instructor Trainer. This two-day course is available to dive professionals who wish to become DAN full-suite Instructors (Version 3.0) and DAN Instructors who meet the prerequisites and wish to become DAN Instructor Trainers. The first day of this workshop is also for any current DAN Instructors who wish to expand their teaching credentials. Pre-registration is required, and there is a cost for this workshop.Email to register.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Sea Turtles 

James Holm, M.D. 

Hyperbaric chambers have been used for decades to deliver lifesaving therapies for a variety of diseases and conditions, both in humans and animals. Join us to learn about Tucker, a sea turtle that required hyperbaric oxygen in a most unusual setting for a turtle. 

Out of the Blue 

Richie Kohler

This talk will focus on Richie Kohler’s experiences on technical diving expeditions and the knowledge he gained from them. He’ll discuss his approaches to risk assessment, risk mitigation, and safety and share what he learned for the benefit of recreational dive professionals. 

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