New From DAN For 2022

DAN Training Courses Version 3.0

Whatever your level of dive training, DAN’s Version 3.0 first aid courses can help prepare you to handle any dive emergency. 

Version 3.0 integrates the latest international protocols for performing CPR, first aid, and related skills. Courses focus on basic life support, emergency oxygen, and first aid for dive professionals. 

Travelers Medical Guide

DAN’s new Travelers Medical Guide was created to help divers, boaters, and adventure travelers recognize and manage travel-related illnesses and injuries. 

Drawing on DAN’s decades of experience managing emergencies, this digital guide explains common symptoms, illnesses, and treatments in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Safety Tips For Dive Operators

DAN’s new Safety Tips for Dive Operators guide was designed to help dive professionals gain a better understanding of the risks inherent to their operations and how to mitigate them. 

This digital guide outlines recommended safety standards for dive operations and provides a foundation for refining safety protocols. 

DAN Tags

The new DAN Tags offer divers an easy way to display important information that may help medical personnel respond quicker and more effectively in the event of a dive emergency. 

With a DAN Tag, your name, DAN ID number, date of birth, allergies, and emergency contact information will be available to assist first responders.