Controversial Issues in Diving

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There are many controversial topics in diving, and having open and honest discussions about them can help divers and dive operators learn and grow.

  • Is oxygen cleaning required only for mixes with more than 40% oxygen, or should air cylinders be cleaned as well?
  • Should cylinder valves be opened all the way, or should divers turn them back a quarter turn?
  • Is there a difference between an SMB and a DSMB?
  • Should every cylinder be analyzed every time, or only when they contain mixed gas?
  • What’s the difference between a diver who is certified and a diver who is qualified?

These are just a few of the notable controversies in the industry, and we invite you to join DAN Safety Services as we present some facts and expert opinions about each. Keep an open mind, and bring your questions — we look forward to addressing these controversial issues and more!

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