Paralyzed in Grenada

Soon after surfacing from her first dive of the day, Deborah Newman felt a spasm in her upper back followed by a squeezing sensation in her chest, hypersensitive skin, weakness and nausea.

A female diver breaks the surface of the water. She's in shock and looks like she is in trouble.

A Shark Tale

While trying to eat a fish for lunch, a shark accidentally nipped a diver’s hand instead. The injury was bloody but thankfully, DAN provided needed assistance and guidance.

Blurry image of a shark as he swims above coral.

Heart Trouble in Tahiti

While on a trip to Tahiti, a 71-year-old experienced diver and competitive rower coughed up foamy blood after making three recreational dives on nitrox. He called DAN for advice and later saw a cardiologist, who diagnosed him with exercise-induced mitral valve prolapse. This diver recommends that divers continue to educate themselves, maintain their DAN membership and insurance coverage, go slowly if they haven’t dived in a while, be prepared and practice for emergencies.

Male and female diver in red and black wetsuits pose for a photo underwater before descending

Just Another Day at the Office

A DAN member and dive instructor’s routine day was faced with setback after setback. She ended up needing a hyperbaric treatment. Read more about how DAN helped this member.

Female scuba diver looks at a jellyfish

Touch and Go in Tonga

A ruptured appendix ruined what should have been a fantastic whale adventure. Thanks to DAN, the adventurer was able to receive life-saving evacuation and care. Read more about this DAN member’s story.

A breaching humpback whale appears next to a little boat

Concussed in Colombia

DAN not only provides emergency resources to divers, but sailors, too. Read one couple’s harrowing story of a concussion at sea and how DAN was able to provide assistance.

A sailboat glides down blue ocean waters

An Unusual Diagnosis

Doctors and other specialists were not listening to one DAN member. After experiencing symptoms for weeks, he finally called DAN and was lead to a diagnosis.

A doctor in a blue plaid shirt, examines the left ear of a bald man

Important Enough

A nonmember discovers DAN can help all divers — even when injuries seem insignificant. She has since become a DAN member and understands the true power of the organization.

Ear doctor uses a contraption to look into the left ear of a female patient

Wrecked in Nova Scotia

A DAN member and several family members were involved in a horrible motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia. Read the story and learn who DAN helped them during a difficult time.

Revenge of the Lionfish

Lionfish are nasty, invasive, predatory creatures that pack a mean sting. One woman’s encounter with a lionfish left her with a bad wound, but thankfully, DAN was able to help.

Morose lionfish sulks over coral