DCS or Serendipity?

A DAN member shares their story of how pain derailed a dive trip. Thanks to their DAN membership, they were able to get the care they needed. REad more.

A blue hyperbaric chamber is being monitored by a nurse in blue scrubs

Walking Again

Renewing DAN membership is a once-click process, but one member let lapse accidentally. It wasn’t until an emergency evacuation and 10 much-needed hyperbaric treatments did they realize the true power of DAN membership.

A man watches his friend as he receives hyperbaric treatments

Painful Swelling on a Pacific Island

After acquiring a severe infection on a remote Pacific island, one diver had to be medically evacuated to Queensland, Australia.

In a stock image, a female snorkeler is surrounded by blue waters

DAN to the Rescue: Out of Antarctica

Accidents happen, even in Antarctica. A DAN member slipped on the icy boat deck and suffered a serious injury. DAN was there to help.

Diver in a red drysuit takes a photo of a cute seal

Arachnid Encounter

While vacationing in Cairns, a tourist suffered delayed-onset symptoms from a poisonous spider bite. Read more about the harrowing story and required evacuation.

An Australian emergency helicopter, in yellow, flies through the skies

A Close Call in the Caribbean

DAN is available to help in all emergencies — not just ones that are dive related. Thanks to DAN, a woman received life-saving kidney stone removal and emergency transportation.

A man in a ball cap is radioing for help while on his boat

Trust Your Instincts

Err on the side of caution should unusual symptoms present after a dive. One DAN member experienced a rash and concentration issues. Read more about how DAN was able to help this diver.

Three divers approach a sunken ship

Rescue in the Gulf of Thailand

Technical divers regularly push beyond the limits of recreational diving, so we prepare for emergencies with contingencies neatly checked off like a detailed shopping list. Learn more about how DAN handled an incident.

A cream-colored hyperbaric chamber facility is waiting for its next patient

Pneumonia in Germany

No one likes getting sick on vacation, but one individual had a hard experience trying to file a claim with their primary insurance provider. One call to DAN, and it was smoothed over.

A stock image of a doctor checking the chest x-ray of a patient

Wrecked in Namibia

A DAN member was in a horrible car accident in the Namibia savanna. He was left badly injured and had to wait hours for emergency services. Read more about how DAN was there for this member.

Man lies in hospital bed. He's shirtless and hooked up to electrode pads.