Touch and Go in Tonga

A ruptured appendix ruined what should have been a fantastic whale adventure. Thanks to DAN, the adventurer was able to receive life-saving evacuation and care. Read more about this DAN member’s story.

A breaching humpback whale appears next to a little boat

Concussed in Colombia

DAN not only provides emergency resources to divers, but sailors, too. Read one couple’s harrowing story of a concussion at sea and how DAN was able to provide assistance.

A sailboat glides down blue ocean waters

Mistakes and Bad Decisions 

I WAS ON A TRIP TO TULAMBEN to dive the Liberty wreck for three days. The first day was recreational dives followed by two days of technical diving. I had a cold and sinusitis leading up to the trip, but the conditions had cleared up …

An Unusual Diagnosis

Doctors and other specialists were not listening to one DAN member. After experiencing symptoms for weeks, he finally called DAN and was lead to a diagnosis.

A doctor in a blue plaid shirt, examines the left ear of a bald man

Important Enough

A nonmember discovers DAN can help all divers — even when injuries seem insignificant. She has since become a DAN member and understands the true power of the organization.

Ear doctor uses a contraption to look into the left ear of a female patient

Wrecked in Nova Scotia

A DAN member and several family members were involved in a horrible motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia. Read the story and learn who DAN helped them during a difficult time.

Revenge of the Lionfish

Lionfish are nasty, invasive, predatory creatures that pack a mean sting. One woman’s encounter with a lionfish left her with a bad wound, but thankfully, DAN was able to help.

Morose lionfish sulks over coral

Research & Outreach

DAN can help members work through difficult situations and accidents. But DAN’s research efforts can also help divers in lasting ways.

The inside of a hyperbaric chamber is padded and no one is in it.

Dive Medical Services Around the World

Unfortunately, some emergency providers are more motivated by profits than patient well-being creating instances of poor care. Read more about these deceptive practices and several cases. Above all, know that DAN will connect you with proper, well-regarded emergency services globally.

Male nurse takes wad of cash out of breast scrub pocket

Trust the Experts

DAN saved a person’s life when a local hyperbaric chamber facility refused service. Putting their hands and full trust into DAN, they were thankfully able to get life-saving treatments somewhere else. Read more about this DAN member.

A sad-looking man rests in a hyperbaric chamber. He's torso and legs are covered by a white blanket and he's wearing a blue hospital gown.