Report an Incident

Divers Alert Network (DAN) has maintained a diving incident database since 1989. Originally limited to scuba diving incidents, our reports now include open-circuit scuba, breath-hold, and rebreather incidents. 

Each report is reviewed by members of the DAN Research Department, and the results of this data collection and analysis are anonymized and may be made public for the benefit of the diving community in the DAN Annual Diving Report and in published case summaries

DAN relies on divers to voluntarily report cases and near misses. No individual will be identified in any case report published or presented verbally. We appreciate every diver’s time and effort in telling their stories and sharing their insights. Our goal is to create a safe environment for divers to learn from others’ experiences and mistakes. 

If you have experienced a near-miss or injury or witnessed an accident while diving, please share your experience with us by reporting the incident. 

Important: DO NOT use this form to file an insurance claim or if you are currently experiencing a medical emergency.