Safety & Prevention

In addition to helping injured divers, DAN works to prevent diving injuries.

Through our training, education, and hazard identification programs, DAN helps divers, dive professionals, and dive businesses manage risks, limit liability, and keep divers safe.

DAN Safety Services also supports the medical professionals and facilities that care for injured divers. Many of these facilities, especially those in remote areas, have challenges related to staffing, funding, and essential maintenance. Through our Recompression Chamber Assistance Program (RCAP), DAN promotes training, offers technical and safety advice, and provides other essential support to chambers in need.

Return To Diving Safely

If you’ve been away from diving for a while, it’s a good idea to review your health and fitness and refresh your diving skills and equipment before you get back in the water. That’s why DAN has created this simple, four-step plan to help you return to diving safely. Take a few minutes, review the plan, and make your next dives safe and enjoyable.

Diver Safety

With diver safety at the forefront, DAN has resources available on a wide range of topics. These resources provide the information divers need to make informed decisions and to ultimately stay safe before, during and after dives.

Dive Operation Safety

DAN has provided a wide variety of initiatives dedicated to safety for dive operators worldwide. Our diving research, incident monitoring, accident prevention and evaluation of accidents programs have gone a long way to make sure that diving is safer than ever before.

Chamber Safety

DAN’s initial response to any diving injury or illness is to ensure that the diver receives appropriate first aid, and is evaluated by a medical professional, followed by the initiation of any required treatment which may include a hyperbaric chamber.

Report an Incident

Since 1989, DAN has maintained a comprehensive diving incident database. Originally limited to scuba diving incidents, our online reporting system now includes open-circuit scuba, breath-hold and rebreather incidents.