Diver Safety

With diver safety at the forefront, DAN offers resources on a wide range of topics. These resources provide the information you need to make sound decisions and stay safe before, during and after dives. Case studies cover real-life scenarios and their outcomes, enabling divers to reflect on and analyze various situations. The Divers Blog provides concise and relevant information about specific topics. And through our public safety campaigns we compile, analyze and interpret dive incident data and present it in accessible ways to help divers worldwide improve risk management and reduce incidents.

Return To Diving Safely

If you’ve been away from diving for a while, it’s a good idea to review your health and fitness and refresh your diving skills and equipment before you get back in the water. That’s why DAN has created this simple, four-step plan to help you return to diving safely. Take a few minutes, review the plan, and make your next dives safe and enjoyable.

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Safety Training for Divers

DAN’s e-learning courses offer divers a great way to enhance their knowledge and improve their safety. In addition to courses for dive operators and dive pros, DAN has courses that all divers can benefit from. Get started on a free DAN e-learning course today.

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Incident Insights

Learning from your own mistakes and misfortunes is crucial, but don’t miss the opportunity to learn from others’. These accounts of real diving incidents and emergencies offer exceptional learning opportunities. Often featuring expert commentary, these insights help divers of all experience levels improve their risk management skills and identify safe diving practices.

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Divers Blog

With diver-focused posts covering a wide range of topics — from the implications of COVID-19 to managing diabetes to current trends in risk mitigation and first aid — divers can find the information they need to stay safe. Safety is paramount in diving, and when divers have a thorough understanding of potential risks and health concerns, they are better able to prepare. Ultimately this leads to both safer and more enjoyable experiences.

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Making informed decisions about dive safety requires reliable information. Through our public safety campaigns, DAN collects, analyzes and interprets dive incident data and presents it in formats useful to divers. […]

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