The Organization

Who We Are

We are champions of dive safety, advocating for best practices throughout the dive industry and empowering divers to make smart decisions on every adventure. We prepare and support the diving community through emergency response training, safety education and engagement with the world’s leading experts.

We are researchers, exploring new areas of study as our community seeks to dive deeper, longer and in more remote locations. Divers continue to push the boundaries of our understanding of the underwater world and stretch the limits of human physiology, and we collaborate with esteemed scientists to ensure the safety of these pioneers. We are researchers, medics and dive professionals who have come together with the singular mission of supporting the safe exploration of our underwater world.

We are your trusted advisors — the experts you call when you are uncertain. Whether you’re looking for an answer to a simple question or need assistance with a medical emergency in progress, we are always here for you. We are a nonprofit organization built to support divers with health and safety information, medical consultations, industry-leading dive accident insurance and travel insurance programs.

We are supported by you, our members: the community we work to protect.


DAN started as the National Diving Accident Network (NDAN) in 1980 with the goal of establishing a 24-hour emergency hotline with access to physicians who were trained and experienced in the recognition, care, transportation and recompression therapy of diving injuries. Within the first year alone, the idea proved so popular that a second, non-emergency line was created to handle the demand for medical and dive safety information.

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Career Opportunities

We are searching for passionate people like you to join our team and advance our mission of helping divers in need. Working at the world’s leading dive safety association will give you the rewarding career experience you’ve been searching for — and it comes with a host of unique and valuable benefits.

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