Liability Insurance

The Lowest Liability Insurance Premiums From A Name You Trust

Liability insurance premiums from DAN Risk Retention Group are the lowest in the industry.* Plus, when you trust DAN RRG, you’re backed by a team that has helped divers in need for 40 years. It’s time to switch to DAN and save.


Professional Liability

  • For individual dive pros 
  • Recognized by all training agencies 
  • Affordable, low premiums

Group Professional Liability

  • For all dive pros on staff
  • Protect all pros on one policy
  • Worldwide protection

General Liability

  • For dive centers & businesses
  • Backed by Lloyd’s of London 
  • Customized coverage available

Helping Professionals & Businesses Succeed

  • In-house medical, legal and risk mitigation support teams
  • Dedicated customer service and claim specialists
  • Recognized by all major training agencies
  • Worldwide coverage backed by Lloyd’s of London

  • Policies available to residents of all 50 States
  • Affordable annual premiums & payment plans
  • Annual policies can be purchased anytime during the year
  • Financing for general & group professional liability policies

Pros Save Over 10%

Switch and save 10%+ versus your current policy.

Same Low Premiums

We’ve kept rates the same even in challenging times.

We Handle Everything

Claims, medical, legal & mitigation done in-house.

Have liability insurance questions? Explore our extensive knowledge library.

More Than Liability Insurance

With DAN Risk Retention Group, you’re backed by more than your policy. You’re supported by an organization that has reinvested over $100 million in dive safety. See how our proven team makes all the difference.

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Liability Customer Service

DAN RRG’s Liability Insurance team is ready to help you protect you or your business.  

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. ET

Fax: +1 (919) 490-2935


Incidents And Claims

Collect all relevant information and send it to DAN RRG. If the incident involves a fatality or serious bodily injury, contact us immediately.

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. ET



Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of DAN Risk Retention Group Policy PL-107 (May 1, 2020) ,GL-107 (May 1, 2020) and GPL -107 (June 20, 2020). Coverage may vary and may not be available in all states, countries, or territories. Financing subject to loan approval. RRG-05112020-SPO

 *Competitor pricing data as of 6/15/20