Health & Medicine

DAN exists to provide expert medical information for the benefit of the diving public. We offer real-time assistance with dive accidents and work to prevent injuries and promote dive safety.

Medical Services

DAN’s medical services are available to divers, dive professionals and health care providers. We offer physician education, an emergency hotline, medical information, physician consultations, educational programs and a worldwide referral network of doctors who treat or evaluate divers.

Health Resources

This comprehensive collection of online resources provide valuable information on topics critical to diver health and safety, as well as common issues encountered by new and experienced divers.


DAN encourages divers and dive operators to comply with federal and state social distancing orders and to stay up to date on the recommendations of the CDC, the WHO and your local health department. We acknowledge that some people will continue to dive, and we encourage them to take steps to lower their risk of disease transmission and minimize the risk of injury to avoid further stressing hospitals and emergency medical services.