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The official publication of Divers Alert Network, Alert Diver magazine, is read by more than 150,000 active divers and is the widest-circulated dive magazine in the world. Each issue is a must-read reference, archived and shared by passionate scuba enthusiasts. Featuring images from the world’s greatest underwater photographers and stories from some of the most experienced and eloquent dive journalists in the business, Alert Diver transcends the traditional boundaries of dive media to achieve true collectible status.

  • Approximately 100 pages per issue Printed on 68# interior paper stock, 142# cover; perfect bound
  • Editorial content on dive travel, dive medicine, research and education, underwater photography and ecological concerns
  • Features photos and graphics printed in the highest fidelity, creating an archival reference of coffee-table quality

Alert Diver has become a true collectible magazine celebrating safe diving, health and wellness, dive travel, underwater photography and issues affecting our ocean environment.

Alert Diver readers frequently travel to far-away, exotic dive sites.

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Alert Diver

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of Alert Diver readers make more than 10 dives per year.

will continue their current activity level or become more active in diving over the next 2 years.

hold a dive certification level of advanced or higher.


have an annual household income greater than $100,000.

plan to purchase dive equipment next year.

Of those who plan to purchase, 21% will spend more than $1,500.

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own a smartphone or PDA, and 58% own a tablet.

access Alert Diver via mobile devices.


will spend more than $3,000 on dive travel in the next year.

Divers prefer staying at a resort and traveling on a liveaboard when visiting a dive destination.

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In 2023 Alert Diver readers plan to travel to…


61% will spend more than $3,000
on dive travel in the next year.

In 2023 Alert Diver readers plan to buy…


66% plan to purchase dive equipment
in 2023.

Gearing up for a dive on location, Maldives

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