Research & Reports

Diving research began more than a century ago when diving was the exclusive domain of those who worked underwater or in pressurized environments such as tunnels. The questions that researchers had back then were just as fascinating as the questions we are asking today. Diving research always had and will always have the same objective: to make diving safer.

DAN’s mission is to make every dive accident-free. The research conducted at DAN, both in-house and in collaboration with distinguished scientists and research institutions, usually falls under one of these four focus areas:

  • Health and Diving
  • Decompression Safety
  • Prevention of Diving Injuries
  • Treatment of Diving Injuries

With the challenges of an ongoing pandemic, new advances in diving technology, an aging diving population, and the increasingly competitive and extreme nature in dive explorations, there are many questions that have not been answered or even asked before. DAN Research remains an open mind to new project proposals.

If you are curious about what DAN researchers and collaborators are working on, read all about our current studies and completed projects.

Whether you are looking for funding or expert advice for your own research study or you’d like to participate as a research subject, volunteer during research events, or help the DAN Research team rating post-dive echocardiograms, we have opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Current Research

DAN’s research department leads several in-house studies and oversees studies at collaborating universities and institutions. As a nonprofit organization, DAN has become a unique hub for a wide network of diving researchers and a respected source of information for divers and dive medical professionals alike.

Incident Insights

Learning from your own mistakes and misfortunes is crucial, but don’t miss the opportunity to learn from others’. These accounts of real diving incidents and emergencies offer exceptional learning opportunities. Often featuring expert commentary, these insights help divers of all experience levels improve their risk management skills and identify safe diving practices.

Get Involved

DAN Research turns today’s studies into tomorrow’s standards. To continue making diving safer for all, we need help from divers and community members just like you. Whether you’re interested in volunteering as a subject in one of our studies in the water or from home, applying for or supporting the DAN Internship Program, attending DAN Research events, or helping us quantify ultrasound data with our new bubble counting app, we have opportunities for you to get involved.

Publication Library

DAN provides free access to publications, articles, dive accident reports, and reports written and/or edited by DAN staff covering subjects related to dive research, medicine, and safety. You can read about current research topics in the Dive Lab Blog or view the online archive of Alert Diver magazine for research, medical and safety-related articles.

Completed Studies

For decades, DAN Research has conducted valuable studies on topics of interest to the diving community. Conducted both, in and out of the laboratory, these studies provided a solid foundation for globally accepted standards and recommendations for safe diving. DAN researchers have investigated surface intervals for divers who plan to fly after diving, effects of aging and cardiac health on diving safety, the medical implications of diving with insulin-requiring diabetes, and many more.

Grants & Collaboration

For decades, DAN Research has been collaborating with leading researchers and industry experts to conduct vital dive safety and dive medical studies. Our collaboration efforts enable us to share knowledge, propose solutions and reach beyond our limitations to discover innovative ways to improve the safety of diving everywhere. In addition to collaborating with researchers, we also provide grant funding to researchers eager to advance the field of dive safety and medicine.