Grants & Collaboration

DAN has established a novel DAN Research Grant Program to support research in various areas related to dive safety. We will support research that builds stronger theory and empirical evidence and contributes to a body of knowledge that can be used to improve the safety of recreational scuba divers.

Grants are developed by DAN’s Internal Research Committee in consultation with leading experts in the diving research. Periodically we publish competitive calls for proposals that define the problems we wish to address as well as eligibility criteria. DAN may also provide funding through open calls for projects addressing our main areas of focus.

DAN Research Focus Areas

  • Health and Diving
  • Decompression Safety
  • Prevention of Diving Injuries
  • Treatment of Diving Injuries

DAN organizations serve members all around the globe. Read more about the International DAN Research Committee and global diving research collaboration.

If you would like to apply for funding, find out if your project is eligible for one of our research grants listed below. If you have a research proposal that is not a fit for one of our existing grants or you are looking for expert opinion or a collaboration opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact DAN Research with your idea at .

For more information, please download the DAN Grant General Condition document and the DAN Grant Application Guidelines.

The DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year Award

Since 1989, DAN and Rolex have collaborated to honor an individual who has made substantial contributions to dive medicine, safety or research and to name that person the DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year. One of the most prestigious honors in diving, this award was first presented as a generous grant to DAN from Rolex to recognize the organization’s work on behalf of divers.

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DAN/Alfred Bove Research Grant for Cardiac Health in Scuba Diving

Alfred Bove was a cardiologist and dive physician who contributed significantly to the field of diving medicine for more than four decades. Among his areas of interest were cardio-respiratory fitness and fitness to dive. With an aging population of recreational divers and an elevated prevalence of chronic cardiac conditions among them, cardiac causes of scuba fatalities are increasingly common.

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DAN/R. W. “Bill” Hamilton Research Grant

The DAN/R. W. “Bill” Hamilton Research Grant is a 12-month, US$10,000 research grant established by Divers Alert Network in memory of R. W. “Bill” Hamilton, Ph.D. Dr. Hamilton conducted research in diving physiology and the treatment of injured divers and authored numerous papers, reports and workshop proceedings.

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Oxygen Grant Programs

DAN’s oxygen grant programs provide oxygen units to dive professionals, businesses, organizations and associations. The programs promote DAN’s mission of diver safety.

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