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DAN now offers two levels of membership to give divers more choices than ever before. Select Enhanced Membership with higher coverage limits and a print subscription to Alert Diver magazine or choose Regular membership that provides proven benefits for dive travelers.

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Dive Accident Insurance

DAN dive accident insurance offers divers an affordable way to protect themselves against unpredictable expenses associated with diving accidents and dive travel. It covers diving, nondiving and named water sports accidents & injuries and pays 100% of eligible accident medical expenses up to US$500,000.

Travel Insurance (icon)

Travel Insurance

With an option available for one trip or many, DAN ’s travel insurance programs feature good rates, great coverage, an optional cancel-for-any-reason provision and coverage for preexisting medical conditions.

Liability Insurance (icon)

Liability Insurance

DAN RRG offers professional, group professional, and general liability insurance plans that provide worldwide coverage at attractive rates. New boat and vessel coverage and commercial property insurance are also available for dive businesses.


Join more than 250,000 of your fellow scuba divers who have already decided to become members.

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