Dragon Road, Part 2

The handfish is a kind of evolutionary oddity that prefers to walk on its fins than swim. However, like so many other marine species, their species are in decline and their habitat is being stripped away.

An angry spotted handfish tropes through the sandy bottom

Baja Big and Small

Baja, in the Gulf of California, is home to creatures big and small. Learn more about from this first-person encounter on the critters of Baja.

Two male pikeblennies duel for territory. They're mouths are ensared

It’s All in the Name

In 1995, when we first explored wunderpus territory, which overlies much of the Coral Triangle, the then-undescribed octopus’ fame had spread far and wide. The newly sensational creatures attained much of their acclaim for dancing like dandies across sandy seafloors on eight unimaginably limber arms — an eye-popping feat of acrobatic dexterity well worth traveling halfway around the world to see.

wunderpus dances across the sand

Undercover Crabs

Most decorator crabs belong to one of eight families in the superfamily Majoidea, commonly referred to as spider crabs. About 75 percent of the group’s more than 1,100 global species mask their presence by wearing disguises made from living organisms scissored from the landscape. They commonly hijack seaweeds, sponges, tunicates, bryozoans and hydroids. The crabs manipulate the purloined pieces of attire with their mouths before attaching them to one of the many fishhook-shaped bristles arranged in rows on the carapace, rostrum, walking legs and claw arms, depending on the species.

A decorator crab is perched among red hydroids.

Tough Neighborhood

Skeleton shrimp are tiny and inconspicuous critters. They are notoriously moody. Read more about skeleton shrimp.

Skeleton shrimp mama is holding her babies

The Argonaut Octopus and the Jellyfish

I don’t expect to see animals much larger than my thumbnail while I’m drifting on a night dive in the ocean. So I’m surprised when a translucent skirt of tentacles half the length of my arm breezes past. This creature is a behemoth in a sea of Lilliputians, so I kick hard to catch up […]

On Another Planet — Japan: Part 1

Diving in Japan exposes divers to colorful sea life and unique experiences. Learn more about diving in Japan.

Striped boarfish hanging out beneath a ledge. The fish looks like it has a beard on its lower lipl

First Sighting

Noldy Rumengan is a notable underwater critter hunter. Read the story of diving alongside Rumengan and searching for marine life.

A very rare and tiny seahorse-like animal

Blenny Watching 101

OF ALL THE FISHES IN THE SEA THAT ANNA ADORES, blennies perch high atop her favorites list. Her fascination with the tribe of typically small, hole-inhabiting bottom-dwellers …