Little Big-Game Hunters

Ctenophora is a small phylum of ancient origin, and many of its species are mistaken for jellyfish. Read more about ctenophores and some of their eating and hunting habits.

Roving sea star is covered in ctenophore

A Beautiful Invasion

Populations of Banggai cardinalfish have plummeted in recent years because of market demand. However, they are slowly rebounding. Read more about the Banggai cardinalfish.

A Banggai cardinalfish stares at the camera

Under the Ledge

If you’re willing to be patient and look within dark crevices and spaces, you’ll find unique creatures who live secretive lives. Read more about the fish that can be found within caves.

A pretty orange and pink fish

Fish Bait

Frogfish are major draws for naturalists and divers — they are unique and well-adapted hunters. Thanks to a tiny rod in its head, they can tempt meals easily and efficiently. Read more about frogfish and their unique hunting rituals.

Lumpy, yellow frogfish lures a prey with a rod and tuft located on its head


Fangs are an adaptation that have benefited the blenny species enabling them to ward of predators. Some species of blennies have poisonous fangs. Read more about the importance of fangs.

Yellow fangblenny hangs out in the water

Ghost Hunters

Ghostpipefishes are incredibly hard to find — spending most of their short lives in the open ocean as bits of plankton before eventually settling in protected coastlines, where they discreetly blend into the shadows and breed. Read more about encounters with ghostpipefish.

Mated pair of silvery-white ghostpipefish

Hit List

Of the fish sighted around Bay Islands, Honduras in the last 20 years, the writers compiled a list of several they had yet to interact with. Here are their tales.

A redcheek goby has a black-and-green striped body, with a red-striped head

Team Flying Fish

Flying fish can be hard to spot, but once you do, they’re fantastic creatures. Learn more about how one group of divers worked together to spot flying fish.

Bug-eyed, young sailor flying fish


Jellyfish are a diverse species and incredibly fascinating. Read more about encounters with jellyfish.

Giant green jellyfish, with thick tentacles, swims with fish

Caught in the Act

Several divers were lucky enough to catch a rare moment in the mating rituals of frogfish. Read more about their encounter.

Two frogfish perform an odd pregnancy ritual