Diving in a Time Capsule

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Lake Huron off the northeastern coast of Michigan has nearly 100 known shipwrecks, and others are still being discovered. The oldest shipwreck there sank in 1849, but many wrecks are from the mid- and late 1800s to the early 1900s. The location, history and variety of ships — from wooden schooners to freighters — make Thunder Bay special. The wrecks are at various depths, ranging from the snorkel zone to recreational and technical diving levels.

A closed-circuit rebreather diver checks out the yawl boat off the stern of the Cornelia B. Windiate.

On a Mission

There’s a big difference between casual, submerged sightseeing — happy-snapping pictures of whatever you run across while blowing bubbles — and diving dedicated to carefully searching select sites, sometimes during […]

sixgill shark in the Salish Sea

Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale is in the northwest corner of Lake Superior, and belongs to the state of Michigan. It was declared a national park in 1940 and boasts many shipwrecks — ranging from a 19th-century paddle wheeler to modern freighters.

The wheel of a shipwrecked boat at Isle Royale National Park

Long Beach Oil Platforms

The Long Beach oil platforms boast a productive fish habitat and vibrant fish nursery. While it may not look like much from above, below the water’s surface there is a vibrant fish population and plenty for divers to see.

A giant oil rig stands in the middle of the ocean.

Kona, Hawaii

While Kona, Hawaii may have the same biodiversity or colorful corals as other dive sites, it has much, much more. One diver discusses why they enjoy diving in Kona.

A handsome monk seal swims about Hawaii.

Big Sur

Big Sur in California, is known for its dramatic coastline and the juxtaposition of mountains and ocean. But, can Big Sur be experienced underwater?


Enchanting Manatees of Crystal River

Manatee populations in Florida are on the grow and thriving. Visitors to the area can go below the water’s surface to see these magnificent creatures up close.


Marine Megafauna Close to Home

Marine megafauna can be found throughout North America — groupers, dolphins, blue sharks and more. Learn about mega fauna encounters that will inspire your next dive trip.


Maui: The End of the Rainbow

Maui is composed of several islands and offers divers of all abilities a range of attractions to see. While navigating trade winds can sometimes be a challenge, divers can work around these to find their right adventure.