Cryogenically Frozen Coral

Cryogenically frozen coral can be used to protect the oceans’ future. The frozen samples can be cultured and grown into adult corals enabling reef growth. Read more about the importance of cryogenically frozen coral.

Diverse and colorful coral reef

First Sighting

Noldy Rumengan is a notable underwater critter hunter. Read the story of diving alongside Rumengan and searching for marine life.

A very rare and tiny seahorse-like animal

I Need to Get in Shape: Where Do I Start?

Fitness programs run the gamut there is no “best” way to exercise. It’s important to tailor a program to you needs, abilities, likes and your body. Here are six steps to start a fitness program.

Female running so fast she blurs the image

Bonne Terre Mine

Located in Missouri, Bonne Terre Mine was closed in 1961 and has since been converted to a haven for scuba divers. Read more about how to dive at Bonne Terre Mine.

Diver approaches pile of old railroad ties

Concussed in Colombia

DAN not only provides emergency resources to divers, but sailors, too. Read one couple’s harrowing story of a concussion at sea and how DAN was able to provide assistance.

A sailboat glides down blue ocean waters

Underwater Navigation

How comfortable are you with underwater navigation? Do you prefer a compass or your innate sense of direction? Regardless of which method you choose, learn more about proper underwater navigation. Never get lost in the water again!

Diver charts path forward through use of a compass watch on his arm

Delay to Recompression

Recompression is idly given within minutes of decompression illness symptoms. But that often can’t happen because of a number of factors. Experts weigh in on recompression delays.

Hitchhiker in a dive suit stands on the side of the road, wearing an oxygen mask

Ascent Rates

Ascent rates are influenced by different variables, but nearly all exerts agree that divers should keep slow ascent rates to avoid any complications. Read more about ascent rates.

Diver holds onto a mooring line while ascending

Sketches of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to exotic and colorful birds, culturally rich indigenous tribes and fantastic diving. Learn more about what Papua New Guinea has to offer.

Volcano on a bay at sunrise

A Near-Fatal Field Trip

Two DAN members share their stories of separate field trips going array and how their safety training skills were incredibly helpful.

Children splash around a waterpark