Sketches of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to exotic and colorful birds, culturally rich indigenous tribes and fantastic diving. Learn more about what Papua New Guinea has to offer.

Volcano on a bay at sunrise

Cocos Island: The Pelagic Crossroads

Cocos Island boasts a rocky shoreline, plenty of marine life encounters and other wonders divers love. Learn more about Cocos Island and how to dive it.

Cocos batfish has a white mustache and pouty red lips

Pharmacy of the Sea

Coral reefs are important in drug research as compounds in marine life could inspire new drugs and medications. These discoveries could fuel breakthroughs in AIDs/HIV research, for example. Read more about reefs and drugs.

Red-orange oyster shell that has spikes on the outside

Dive Safety: It’s No Accident

DAN is your “dive safety association” and recently reviewed accumulated fatality data and conducted a wide-scale analysis. Read more about the analysis and the findings.

Diver approaches a giant yellow coral while holding a massive camera

Divers Losing Access to Emergency Care

Emergency care is vital for injured divers, and yet, hyperbaric medicine programs have rapidly declined. This will immediately impact divers seeking care. Read more about this crisis and what can be done to fix it.

Helicopter crew work together to rush a stretcher to emergency care

The Future of Underwater Flight

The Super Falcon is a kind of submarine that enables interested passengers to travel deep and view marine life in unique environments. Read more about the Super Falcon.

Man stares at an underwater vehicle on a truck hitch

DAN Member Profile: Rick Allen

DAN member Rick Allen is a self-proclaimed water bug. A life-changing incident in 2011 could have sidelined his dive career and passion, but he wouldn’t let it. Read more about this DAN member.

DAN member Rick Allen holds an underwater camera

Harvesting Divers Update

Honduran lobster divers regularly dive far beyond safe limits. These divers come primarily from the communities of Miskito Indians living in eastern Honduras and Nicaragua, and they make as many […]

Two men of color inspect a green oxygen cylinder

Cryogenically Frozen Coral

Cryogenically frozen coral can be used to protect the oceans’ future. The frozen samples can be cultured and grown into adult corals enabling reef growth. Read more about the importance of cryogenically frozen coral.

Diverse and colorful coral reef

First Sighting

Noldy Rumengan is a notable underwater critter hunter. Read the story of diving alongside Rumengan and searching for marine life.

A very rare and tiny seahorse-like animal