Easy Save

“Easy saves” could be some last-minute words, a double check or anything that catches you before you dive into a possible bad situation. Read more about one easy save a diver had.

Male diver looks at computer while female scolds him

Cruising the Solomons

The Solomon Islands do not run many land-based dive operations, however, if you’re able to dive any part in the region’s 1,100 miles of ocean, it is well worth it. Read more about exploring the Solomon Islands.

A female diver is behind coral and spying on a pink fish.

Unexpected Air Pockets

A diver felt pressure in his teeth during a descent but dismissed the pain. The pain became worse, forcing him to cut the dive short. Read more about this tooth-related dive incident.

Female diver clutches her mouth

Bali Road Trip

Bali is a fantastic place for divers — both topside and underwater. Sea critters range from tiny seahorses to thriving reefs and there are so many to see. Learn more about diving in Bali.

Yellow, orange and pink sea fans

Shooter: Ned DeLoach

Ned DeLoach is an accomplished diver, photographer and writer who has chronicled underwater life. Learn about his life and how he became interested in diving.

Two Blackfin coralgobies are actually yellow. One is quite larger than the other

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is a National Marine Park in Mexico and can be described as a treasure. From humble beginnings, this small marine preserve has become a bastion of biodiversity.

Thousands of schooling jacks dwarf a nearby diver

Underwater Images on a Single Breath

Freedive photography is an art as the photographer only gets one breath to get the shot. Scuba gear often is bulky and can just get in the way. Learn more about freedive photography.

Snorkeler takes photo of whale shark

Treating DCS in the Miskito Coast

The Miskito Coast has a decompression sickness epidemic as many cases go undiagnosed in diving fishermen. Read more about DCS in the MIskito Coast.

Man kneels over bowl of lobster tails