Ghost Fishing

A team of volunteer divers works together to remove cast-off, derelict fishing nets to help the local animal life. Read more about the venture to remove the nets.

Two divers approach shipwreck and cast-off nets

Member Profile: Guy Harvey

DAN member Guy Harvey, Ph.D., is a gifted artist and depicts marine life in dramatic ways. His work acts as a way to champion for the oceans. Read more about Guy Harvey’s story.

Guy Harvey paints a marlin

Hit List

Of the fish sighted around Bay Islands, Honduras in the last 20 years, the writers compiled a list of several they had yet to interact with. Here are their tales.

A redcheek goby has a black-and-green striped body, with a red-striped head

Rhode Islands Blues — And Makos

Don’t let its size fool you: Rhode Island offers divers a lot to see — including some great shark sightings. Read more about where and how to dive in Rhode Island.

A shortfin mako has beady eyes and its mouth is open. It looks fierce and hungry

Tuna: Super Fish

Tuna are a warm-blooded predator who cannot stop swimming, but their populations are in trouble. Read more about tuna.

Giant group of schooling, fierce-looking tuna

Cared for in the Turks and Caicos

Thanks to previous readings and trainings, when a difficult situation presented itself, a diver was able to remain calm and advocate for the care he needed. Read more about his story.

A diver swims downward

Technical Diving

Technical diving requires additional gear, training and knowledge, but once you become comfortable with tech diving, you can do a lot. Learn more about technical diving and if it is a right option for you.

A tech diver floats through a wreck

Tank Valves and Out-of-Air Emergencies

Out-of-air situations are the most common cause of fatal diving accidents. Surprisingly, these problems sometimes occur at the very beginning of dives when the diver should still have a full tank of compressed gas. How is this possible?

Female diver makes an out-of-air hand signal