Dragons, Pygmies and Mantas

Komodo National Park is brimming with critters — both above and below the water. One diver calls it a “wonderland.” Read more about diving the breathtaking Komodo.

Giant sea turtle smiling at camera

The Gift of Kimbe

One diver chose to document Kimbe Bay. The area boasts colorful sea life but the trip itself posed many challenges for the dive team. Learn more about their incredible story.

An aerial view of volcanic islands surrounded by deep blue water

Discovery of a Lost Battlefield

A research team locates the remains of U-576 and Bluefields. This was a major discovery as many people did not know where these boats fought or were sunk. Learn more.

Four elated-looking men gather around a laptop

Understanding Alternobaric Vertigo

Learning how to equalize ear pressure is part of every diver’s basic open-water training. Alternobaric vertigo (AV) arises from unequal pressure between the two middle ears, usually because the pressures are changing at different rates. Learn more about AV and its prevention.

Diver plugs his nose while wearing mask

Crown-of-Thorns and Favorable Disturbance

The crown-of-thorns starfish is considered one of the most influential invertebrate predators found on Pacific coral reefs. Read more about why this starfish is so important to reef health.

a pink crown-of-thrones starfish

Hidden in Plane Sight

A World War II-era plane remained either undiscovered or unreported for over 60 years off the California coast. Read more about this incredible wreckage and attempts to track down more information on the plane.

18-cylinder engine of plane

Sweet Siren Smells of Coral and Seaweed

Reefs smell. No, really! A healthy reef sends out attractive scents attracting a population of reef builders and dwellers. These newcomers are vital to the success of a reef.

The sweet reef scents have brought all the fish to the yard. They are surrounding coral outcroppings

DAN Member Profile: Jon Landau

Jon Landau is an avid scuba diver and DAN member. He’s traveled the world for dive destinations, but his favorite will always be the Florida Keys. Read more about Landau.

Jon Landau watches a goliath grouper in Key Largo, Fla.

In the Company of Squid

Squid are fascinating sea critters. They’re colorful, playful and can be found throughout the world’s oceans. Learn more about the inky squid.


Tabata Training

Tabata workouts are quick and effective. In just four minutes, you can greatly boost your cardio aerobic and muscular health. Learn more about Tabata training and score a great workout.

A female personal trainer is crawling into plank position