The Cayman Islands

With 365 dive sites, world-class walls and a marine park celebrating 25 years of protected status, the Cayman Islands are a diver’s dream. Learn what to expect and how to dive in the Cayman Islands.

Male scuba diver takes a photo of a brown grouper

The Denizens of South Oz

From camouflaged dragons and the ocean’s most iconic apex predators to whiskered mischief-makers and tentacled giants, South Australia’s underwater inhabitants are unforgettable.

Great white shark swims in front of a school of fish

Matters of the Heart

We’re all getting older — aging is inevitable — but our eagerness to dive is undiminished. This report by DAN’s senior director of research provides insights to help us continue diving for years to come.

Old man walks across beach holding a yellow surfboard

Rebreathers: Boon or Bane

Popularity of rebreathers has skyrocketed — but how safe and useful are they for recreational divers? Learn both the benefits and hazards of rebreathers.

Rebreather diver with a yellow tank looks up at a giant sting ray

Ocean Views 2012

Marine-life and underwater photography is not only an art but it takes deep commitment. Browse the winners of the 2012 Ocean Views Contest and celebrate these frozen moments in time — and the talents of each photographer.

Elephant seal sticks its head out of water. Its tongue is sticking out and it looks happy.

Can Whales Get the Bends?

Decompression sickness (DCS) is a plague for humans, but what about in mammals? Understand the science between DCS and marine animal evolution.

Tail of a whale sticking out of water

Dive Your Desktop

Get your oceanic fix with a web-based game and service called theBlu.

Mac desktop computer with a shark screensaver

Reports from the Lionfish Front

Lionfish are an invasive species and have been found all over the world. But the volunteerism of divers and even sharks has helped decrease these surging populations. Read more about the current state of lionfish.

Shark feasts on a lionfish

DAN Member Profile: Jill Heinerth

Canadian-born underwater photographer Jill Heinerth discusses her illustrious career as a female cave diver. Read more about Heinerth’s work and current projects.

Female diver explores a dreary cave

Mighty Mouths

Certain kinds of fish love to open their mouths wide and yawn. It’s quite fascinating! Read more about these yawning fish.

A wide, open-mouthed lacy rhinopias shows off its jaw