Without Bubbles

Rebreathers do create an added complexity to a dive, but they can be incredibly useful. Learn more about how rebreathers work, benefits and challenges to their use and practical applications.

A rebreather diver, holding a camera, tries to take a photo of a nearby shark

Instituting a Culture of Safety

A culture of safety in diving is incredibly important as it keeps incidents and accidents down, and fosters a learning culture. Read more about the importance of putting safety first, and how it could change the industry and sport.

A bearded diver plugs nose while other diver is nearby

Humpback Whales: Tonga and the Silver Bank

Although they are oceans apart, both the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific and the Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic offer intimate encounters with majestic humpback whales. Read more about these fantastic creatuers.

A breaching humpback looks like its clapping its flippers together

Don’t Blame the Dive Operator

Dive operators are a huge component of the safety culture. It’s up to them to help inexperienced divers, keep staff trained and ensure experienced divers remain safe.

Bald diver approaches coral with flashlight


Bonaire offers a variety of world-class dive sites that are inviting for divers of all levels. Sea critters run the gamut from large to small — certainly you’ll be able to see something exciting! Learn more about diving Bonaire.

A diver swims amongst red corals

Remote But Ready

A research team experienced a small issue that turned into a big emergency, but DAN provided much-needed support. Read more.

Diver swims over fan corals

Lobster Mini Season

DAN medics and researchers answer your questions about dive medicine.

Dive swims toward school of fish

The Quest for DCS Biomarkers

Advances in decompression sickness studies and treatments could be made through identification of markers in the blood. Read more about the studies in decompression sickness.

Vial, syringe and biomarkers

You Better Get That Examined

A tiny Pacific octopus surprised a diver and gave a defensive bite. The wound became infected and required treatment. Read more about the octopus incident.

Juvenile giant Pacific octopus.