Humpback Whales: Tonga and the Silver Bank

Although they are oceans apart, both the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific and the Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic offer intimate encounters with majestic humpback whales. Read more about these fantastic creatuers.

A breaching humpback looks like its clapping its flippers together


Bonaire offers a variety of world-class dive sites that are inviting for divers of all levels. Sea critters run the gamut from large to small — certainly you’ll be able to see something exciting! Learn more about diving Bonaire.

A diver swims amongst red corals

The Quest for DCS Biomarkers

Advances in decompression sickness studies and treatments could be made through identification of markers in the blood. Read more about the studies in decompression sickness.

Vial, syringe and biomarkers

Ocean Views 2015: The Joy of Pursuit

See the winning and highly honored photographs from this year’s Ocean Views photo contest, and share in the joy of those who captured the images.

Orca surfs the waves

The Once & Future Promise of National Marine Sanctuaries

Marine sanctuaries are important because they not only help natural environments thrive, but also boost local economies. Marine sanctuaries can be found throughout the world and help increase accessibility to oceans.

Dive photographer photographs a sea turtle

An Uncertain Future for Kemp’s Ridley Turtles

Populations of Kemp’s ridley’s turtle have been on the decline for years until a conservation effort kicked off. Read more about Kemp’s ridley’s turtles and the challenges they face.

A baby Kemp's ridley sea turtle is crawling on the sand trying to reach the ocean

Conservation Success in Indonesia

Raja Ampat started a massive conservation effort in 2010 to protect populations of sharks and manta rays. Since the effort began, the sharks and manta rays look much healthier. Learn more.

Pod of devil rays swimming happily

DAN Member Profile: Ken Kamler, M.D.

DAN member Ken Kamler, M.D., shares his stories about DAN membership and being a life-long adventure seeker. Read more about Dr. Kamler.

Headshot of DAN member Kamler

Little Big-Game Hunters

Ctenophora is a small phylum of ancient origin, and many of its species are mistaken for jellyfish. Read more about ctenophores and some of their eating and hunting habits.

Roving sea star is covered in ctenophore