Seeing Green

Capturing wide-angle images in nutrient-rich environments is one of the most valuable skills an underwater photographer can develop. Learn how to enhance those techniques.

Keep Breathing

Be prepared for unexpected underwater situations by taking the initiative to be a responsible diver, keeping your cool and following your training.

Diver Recovers Despite Delayed Treatment

Decompression sickness and other dive-related injuries should be treated as soon as possible, so it is important to see a medical professional. Any symptoms after a dive, whether you suspect they are dive related or not, should be evaluated.

Freediving Safety

People outside of the freediving community consider it to be a dangerous, extreme sport, but following proper safety protocols makes it quite safe.


Equipment Maintenance

It’s easy to get complacent about performing routine equipment maintenance because we think expensive equipment should be made to last longer or that we’ll have more time to do it later. But planned maintenance is key to preventing equipment failures.


Dynamic Kettlebell Exercises

Need to spice up your workout routine? Intimidated by kettlebells? These exercises with step-by-step instructions will help you master this versatile piece of equipment.


Performance Under Pressure

Gas density is one of the unknown mechanisms on the forefront of hyperbaric research. In another decade we could have equipment that makes gas density a nonissue. For now we’re left to carefully mix our gases and learn all we can about human performance under pressure.

Researcher Profile: Weigang Xu

Head of the only organization in China eligible to train dive physicians for military, commercial and recreational diving, Dr. Weigang Xu has published more than 100 papers.


Hooked on Hookah Diving

Understanding the way hookah systems work and knowing how to manage their associated risks will allow for an efficient and enjoyable hookah diving experience. It can be a safe and fun way to introduce people to the underwater world.