Flower Garden Banks Photo Gallery

Jesse Cancelmo provides a bonus photo gallery of images from Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

A turtle swims by an oil rig at Flower Garden Banks

DAN Member Profile: Tec Clark

Dive legend Tec Clark has built a memorable career and legacy around training excellent divers. He describes his underwater experiences as “absolutely worshipful” and “otherworldly.” It’s the place where he feels closer to God than anywhere else on Earth. Helping others safely and professionally experience this same life-changing magic is his focus. Clark summed up the philosophy behind all his advice to new dive professionals: “Great training is the key to great diving. Don’t cut corners. Offer excellent training. Go beyond the standard.”

Clark floats down the New River in West Virginia.

Roatán Photo Gallery

Francesca Diaco provides a bonus photo gallery of images from her island community of Roatán in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Travel Smarter: Traveling with Scuba Equipment

Many divers love to travel. As more destinations open to travelers, divers are eager to get back in the water at their favorite site or a new location. Read these tips for traveling with scuba equipment and planning ahead to determine what vaccinations and medical documentation your destination requires.

Check the travel regulations for your airline and destination country to learn what gear is allowed in carry-on and checked bags.

Michael Aw Photo Gallery

Michael Aw, who has published several popular books of his photography, provides a bonus photo gallery of his images.

Program Spotlight: Return to Diving Initiative

After taking time away from diving, whether for a few months or even longer, divers should assess several essential factors to help them safely get back in the water. DAN’s new Return to Diving initiative is a comprehensive, practical guide developed by dive medicine physicians, scientists and researchers to provide the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. The guide contains six sections, each with detailed step-by-step instructions and tips. Topics include issues stemming from inactivity, your health status, fitness to dive, equipment, dive skills and travel plans.

Thunder Bay Photo Gallery

Becky Kagan Schott provides a photo gallery of images from the shipwreck destination of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Lake Huron.

Engine room of the Norman at Thunder Bay

DAN Dispatch: DAN Safety Services

The newly reorganized DAN Safety Services department combines the prevention focus of our risk mitigation efforts with the incident-response aspect of our first aid courses and safety products. Everyone in the dive industry — students, divers, and dive professionals and operators — can access DAN’s wealth of educational, training and safety product options to help keep themselves and their fellow divers safe.

DAN Safety Services focuses on incident prevention and incident response.

An Insider’s Guide to Roatán

Located in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatán is a tropical gem nestled in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. The largest of the Bay Islands, Roatán sits about 30 miles off the Honduran coast between Utila and Guanaja. Its fringing reef system makes up the southernmost edge of the Mesoamerica Reef (the world’s second-largest reef system) and is arguably Roatán’s biggest attraction.

Swarms of silversides often appear in certain caves and swim-throughs in the summer.

Lessons Learned While Lost at Sea

A DAN member shares lessons learned while lost at sea for many hours after being carried far from the dive site by currents. It’s important to stay calm and bring your own safety gear such as a surface marker buoy. Before leaving on a trip, establish good physical fitness and always let someone know where you are and when to expect you. Understand the risks, be proactive about your safety, and don’t ignore red flags about the dive operator.

lighthouse in the distance with turbulent waves in the fore ground