DAN Dispatch: Monitoring Cardiac Health in Scuba Divers

DAN RESEARCH’S INCIDENT ANALYSIS PROGRAM has shown that approximately one-third of dive fatalities can be traced to a cardiac event, making cardiac-related issues the No. 1 cause of fatalities while diving.

TRAVEL SMARTER : Personal Safety While Traveling

WHETHER TRAVELING DOMESTICALLY OR ABROAD, you can take steps to ensure your personal safety. Enjoy your destination with relative ease by implementing some of the following personal safety practices. 

Member Profile: Breathing-Gas Giant Jess Stark

FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE TO ANTARCTICA, if you’ve ever taken a breath from a scuba cylinder, there’s a good chance that cylinder was filled using a Stark Industries breathing-air compressor.


Diving for Artificial Reefs

DIVER SURVEYS OF ARTIFICIAL REEF MARIND LIFE contribute to science — the FWC has adopted the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) citizen science program for doing fish surveys.


Diving and Dying for Lobster

MY SON AND I HAVE TREATED HUNDREDS of divers, mostly Honduran lobster fishery workers who suffer some degree of paralysis from DCS, the majority from the waist down and many over most of their body.


Physioshark Team Studies Climate Change Impacts on Sharks

FOR 450 MILLION YEARS some shark species have been apex predators in the aquatic world, helping to balance the fathomless yet fragile marine ecosystem. But even with all their instinctual knowledge we see more and more species on our endangered lists. 


It Takes Only One Good Fish

OUR RECENT UNDERWATER ADVENTURE began with a fanciful quest to track down an inconspicuous little fish no larger than a nickel … the seldom-seen dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae).


Body Bar Exercises

STRENGTH TRAINING is a great way to tone and build muscle. These exercises can help your stabilization while moving in scuba gear and around a boat.


Oregon: Hiding in Plain Sight 

OREGON IS A PERPETUALLY POPULAR West Coast travel destination, especially for climbing, skiing, walking through verdant forests, or strolling along sandy beaches … and SCUBA DIVING!