Lembeh and Beyond

Lembeh is an island off the northeast coast of Sulawesi and is home to great diving. North Sulawesi is more than just the macro-mecca of Lembeh. Explore the northern islands for clear water, critters and active volcanoes — above and below.

Over-under shot of a lush and green atoll

Ocean Views 2010

View the winners of the inaugural Alert Dive Ocean Views photo contest. The winners showcase the best in nature and wildlife photography.

Mouth of a humpback whale can be seen at ocean's surface, vying for fish with a flock of hungry birds

Dr. Nick Bird

When you look at the paths of Dr. Nick Bird and DAN, you realize they aren’t parallel, but instead are on a course destined to intersect. Meet DAN’s first-ever chief medical officer, a man of passion and vision.

Male scuba diver approaches a giant grouper

Synchronized Spawning

Spawning enables corals, starfish, brittle stars, sea cucumbers and other marine critters to mate. They release eggs and let them mingle in the water. Learn more about spawning.

Several brittle sea stars congregate on a sponge to spawn

DAN Member Profile: Clive Cussler

DAN member Clive Cussler discusses why he loves shipwrecks and what motivates him to dive. Read more about Clive Cussler.

An old shipwreck piece in a harness

Walking Again

Renewing DAN membership is a once-click process, but one member let lapse accidentally. It wasn’t until an emergency evacuation and 10 much-needed hyperbaric treatments did they realize the true power of DAN membership.

A man watches his friend as he receives hyperbaric treatments

The Google Garden

The sculpture garden at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. is full of busts of historical dive pioneers. Learn more about this Google garden.

A toddler, held by their father, pokes the nose of a giant stone bust

The Great Charade

Tiny shrimp camouflage themselves to avoid being eaten by predators. But some shrimp take this mimicry to a new level. Read more about mimic shrimp.

A very tiny rubble mimic shrimp lies in a bed of gravel

Improving Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular fitness can be improved by the FITT principles. From frequency to timing, techniques you can boost your health and your endurance. Learn more about FITT and cardiovascular health with these tips.