Don’t Assume

Self-diagnosis can lead to delays in the medical care you need. Never assume — and be sure to contact DAN.

Tanks stand on the dock of a boat and man prepares wetsuit in background

Field Management of Heat Illness and Hypothermia

Managing a patient’s heat illness or hypothermia can be tricky — do you know what to do? Learn the field management practices of these two conditions to ensure a patient remains stable.

Very sweaty man sits down on boat and is holding a sports drink. A man next to him is kneeling and using lime-green fins to fan the sweaty man

Lembeh and Beyond

Lembeh is an island off the northeast coast of Sulawesi and is home to great diving. North Sulawesi is more than just the macro-mecca of Lembeh. Explore the northern islands for clear water, critters and active volcanoes — above and below.

Over-under shot of a lush and green atoll

As the Prop Turns

Propeller safety should be taken as seriously as every other aspect of dive safety. Much of the responsibility certainly lies with the pilot of a boat, but there are several things divers can do to help increase their safety margin when sharing the water.

Dive dinghy floats on the water at sunset

Ocean Views 2010

View the winners of the inaugural Alert Dive Ocean Views photo contest. The winners showcase the best in nature and wildlife photography.

Mouth of a humpback whale can be seen at ocean's surface, vying for fish with a flock of hungry birds

Convergent Evolution

Imaging technology is rapidly changing, and new cameras can capture both still and motion pictures. How do you handle this convergent technology? Read on.

Very pretty, colorful and healthy reef full of fish and corals

Dr. Nick Bird

When you look at the paths of Dr. Nick Bird and DAN, you realize they aren’t parallel, but instead are on a course destined to intersect. Meet DAN’s first-ever chief medical officer, a man of passion and vision.

Male scuba diver approaches a giant grouper

Synchronized Spawning

Spawning enables corals, starfish, brittle stars, sea cucumbers and other marine critters to mate. They release eggs and let them mingle in the water. Learn more about spawning.

Several brittle sea stars congregate on a sponge to spawn

The Boat Left Without You: Now What?

Signaling gear is incredibly useful in a variety of situations — including when the boat leaves without you. Here’s how to purchase signaling gear and what to do.

Surfaced diver floats next to red marker