Go Get DAN!

Emergencies can happen anywhere — even at a tradeshow. A DAN member recounts their memories of helping a badly wounded person and how their DAN first-responder skills helped.

Aerial view of a busy convention center showcase floor

Mexico’s Majestic Megafauna

The Islands of Guadalupe offer divers rare encounters with some of nature’s largest marine critters. Learn more about diving the Islands of Guadalupe from three professional divers.

Underbelly of a large manta ray

Lunar Inspiration in Palau

Lunar cycles heavily influence the currents in Palau. The cycles heavily influence the waters surrounding the island. Read more about lunar cycles.

Diver floats next to a giant green wrasse

You’ll Be Ok

A mother opens up about losing her daughter in a dive accident. The incident was a result of her daughter and the dive buddy being inexperienced for the dive. Read more of this painful story.

Male diver adds weights to the belt of his female companion

You Can Still Get That?

When traveling to developing countries, travelers should be aware of certain health risks and prevention strategies available. Prior to your trip, research the locale and talk to your doctor.

Black arm receives a vaccination from a gloved hand

Defining Remote

Understanding the specific challenges presented by remote environments gives adventurers a leg up. These challenges include time, environment, resources and independent decision-making. Learn how to manage emergency protocols in remote destinations.

White emergency helicopter flies over remote islands

Mission Blue

Mission Blue is an organization set on gaining public traction in interest in ocean preservation. Mission Blue has expanded to include a variety of company and celebrity partners. Read more about Mission Blue.

Three people travel in a submersible vehicle

Shooter: Brandon Cole

Brandon Cole is considered one of the world’s premier marine-wildlife photographers. Read more about Cole, his career, his passion for photography and beyond.

Brandon Cole, wearing a hat and waders, kneels in tidal pool to take photos

Scuba Rejuvenation

Scuba diving can be incredibly rejuvenating and rehabilitating to veterans wounded in duty. Read more about a program that focuses on teaching veterans this sport.

Two divers swim over jagged rocks