Mexico’s Majestic Megafauna

The Islands of Guadalupe offer divers rare encounters with some of nature’s largest marine critters. Learn more about diving the Islands of Guadalupe from three professional divers.

Underbelly of a large manta ray

Lunar Inspiration in Palau

Lunar cycles heavily influence the currents in Palau. The cycles heavily influence the waters surrounding the island. Read more about lunar cycles.

Diver floats next to a giant green wrasse

You Can Still Get That?

When traveling to developing countries, travelers should be aware of certain health risks and prevention strategies available. Prior to your trip, research the locale and talk to your doctor.

Black arm receives a vaccination from a gloved hand

Mission Blue

Mission Blue is an organization set on gaining public traction in interest in ocean preservation. Mission Blue has expanded to include a variety of company and celebrity partners. Read more about Mission Blue.

Three people travel in a submersible vehicle

Scuba Rejuvenation

Scuba diving can be incredibly rejuvenating and rehabilitating to veterans wounded in duty. Read more about a program that focuses on teaching veterans this sport.

Two divers swim over jagged rocks

A Magnum Opus of Tropical Reefs

The book “Reef Fishes of the East Indies” was written by Gerald Allen and is a comprehensive encyclopedia of reef fish from a diverse region. Read more about the writing process of the book and the author.

Dive photographer photographs an orange clown fish on a coral reef

Underwater Architecture

Submerged hotels or restaurants provide individuals with incredibly unique experiences. Underwater tourism connects people with marine life and is an enterprising investment.

Fine-dining restaurant is surrounded by an aquarium tube filled with sharks

DAN Member Profile: Ed Viesturs

DAN member Ed Viesturs is an accomplished mountaineer and scuba diver. Read more about this member’s story and why he’s with DAN.

Man in red snowsuit is at the summit of a snow-capped mountain

Evolution in a Flash

Flasher wrasses are a lesser-known group of fishes to divers because they can be overlooked. The males, for example, tiny, can mute their colors and keep low profiles. Read more about flasher wrasses.

Yellow, purple-striped flasher wrasse hangs out near corals

Swim Training for Scuba Divers

Swimming has plenty of benefits for scuba divers, including keeping cardiovascular health in tip-top shape. Read more about swimming for scuba divers and glean an example pool workout.

Man in Speedo and blue fins swims underwater in a pool