Big Things Cruise Off Florida’s Palm Beaches

Palm Beach, Fla. is home to over-the-top marine life from giant groupers to sharks. But overall, Palm Beach is a great place for divers. Read more about diving in Palm Beach.

A big lemon shark lies on the bottom of the ocean

Revenge of the Lionfish

Lionfish are nasty, invasive, predatory creatures that pack a mean sting. One woman’s encounter with a lionfish left her with a bad wound, but thankfully, DAN was able to help.

Morose lionfish sulks over coral

Cavern and Cave Diving

Cave diving is exhilarating, but not suitable for all divers. You’re able to explore often overlooked places and see new-to-you critters and environments. Learn more about cave diving, current safety precautions and how to get started.

Cave diver with red hood pops head out of cavern


Research in perfluorocarbons (PFCs) is raising hopes that it could be a more effective adjunct treatment for decompression sickness. Hear from our experts about the use of PFCs in treatments.

Two gloved hands inject some red stuff into some vials

Tips for Safer Boat Diving

Boat diving can become much safer with the implementation of practicing better attention to detail and situational awareness. With these two practices, you can have a safer boat diving experience.

Close-up image of a weight belt

Go Get DAN!

Emergencies can happen anywhere — even at a tradeshow. A DAN member recounts their memories of helping a badly wounded person and how their DAN first-responder skills helped.

Aerial view of a busy convention center showcase floor

Mexico’s Majestic Megafauna

The Islands of Guadalupe offer divers rare encounters with some of nature’s largest marine critters. Learn more about diving the Islands of Guadalupe from three professional divers.

Underbelly of a large manta ray

Lunar Inspiration in Palau

Lunar cycles heavily influence the currents in Palau. The cycles heavily influence the waters surrounding the island. Read more about lunar cycles.

Diver floats next to a giant green wrasse

You’ll Be Ok

A mother opens up about losing her daughter in a dive accident. The incident was a result of her daughter and the dive buddy being inexperienced for the dive. Read more of this painful story.

Male diver adds weights to the belt of his female companion