Breaking into Backplates

Recreational divers are using highly customizable backplate-and-wing BCs to improve their trim and meet their needs in varying conditions.

A Black diver is wearing fancy backplates to help them dive

Diving into Lake Champlain’s History

October is the perfect time to enjoy Lake Champlain’s wrecks as well as the surrounding colorful foliage. The dive destination has a lot to offer. Learn more!

Diver Lars Brinkmann illuminates the old wooden ship’s wheel on the wreck of the O.J. Walker, one of 10 historic shipwrecks preserved in Lake Champlain.

Leaping for Love

Blennies have interesting mating rituals — males often change colors to attract a mate.

A male red-streaked blenny displays its normal color pattern.

The Last Unicorns

The pillar coral is as unique in its taxonomy as it is in its growth form. It is also poorly studied — and it is in decline. Efforts have ramped up to study and conserve this species.

A female diver inspects some coral

Leaves of Grass

Seagrasses have evolved to thrive in marine environments — adapting to shallow, salty or brackish habitats at least three different times over 100 million years.

Electric ray floats above grass

Exceptional Readiness

A first-of-its-kind course is designed to teach military medical and graduate nursing students underwater emergency response. It ensures that medical staff are prepared to treat military service members.

Training in the water, a group of medics surround a man and learn how to provide medical assistance.

The 1733 Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys

Research has proven the importance of shipwrecks in marine environments and two leading researchers are continuing to preach that message in the Florida Keys.

Several submerged cannons in the waters in the Florida Keys

Melting Down

Starfish populations are dramatically decreasing up and d own the West Coast as a result of a mysterious disease. There were massive die-offs that sounded alarms.

Starfish appear melted into the ground

DAN Member Profile: Sally Bauer

Dr. Sally Bauer is an accomplished diver and marine biologist who is also incredibly passionate about diving and marine life.

Bauer stands with a chromed Morse helmet in the museum’s Diving History Research Library.

Mystery Wreck of Prince Edward County

There are two mystery shipwrecks lying offshore in Canadas’ Prince Edward County. The wreck and its discovery are a mystery.

The wreck known as Petrie 2 lies in the icy depths of eastern Lake Ontario.