DAN Welcomes 2021 Research & Safety Interns

DURHAM, NC – June 2, 2021 – Divers Alert Network® is excited to introduce five interns who will be working with the organization for the next few months to expand their knowledge of dive safety and research.

Clockwise from Top Right - Dong, Tamburri, Graf, Brenner, Kistler

DAN Answers FAQs About Returning to Diving

DURHAM, NC – May 27, 2020 – Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) has published answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about preparing to dive in the new normal. Covered topics include safety practices for retail areas, staff and client interactions, dive boat operations, gear disinfection protocols and more.


DAN’s Quick Guide to Properly Disinfecting Dive Gear

The CDC has updated its recommendations, and some of the cleaning products noted in this article may not be suitable for killing the virus that causes COVID-19. While Steramine is an effective sanitizing product, and some manufacturers recommended it, it does not appear on the EPA’s “List N” and is thus not endorsed for removal of the new coronavirus.

Diving after COVID-19: What We Know Today

COVID-19 shares many features with other serious viral pneumonias and requires a period of convalescence before returning to normal activities. The amount of time needed to recover will vary, as will the long-term effects of COVID-19. As information becomes available it will be incorporated into prevention, treatment and follow-up guidelines for COVID-19.