DAN’s popular online safety quizzes provide an interactive platform for delivering educational information on basic health and diver safety. Test your knowledge on shark breeds, first aid procedures and much more.

Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid

Be ready for any situation and ensure you know how to properly administer CPR and first aid.

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Cardiovascular Health & Diving

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the United States and one of the most common causes of fatal diving accidents.

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Exotic Marine Life

From colorful shrimp to gelatinous jellyfish, exotic marine life are fascinating creatures. But how familiar are you with these underwater critters?

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Oxygen First Aid

Providing oxygen first aid can help an injured individual until more advanced medical help can be obtained.

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Ear Injuries, Diseases & Conditions

Without adequate equalization, barotrauma (pressure injury) can occur. It’s very important to equalize early to avoid injuries.

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Shark Identification

Is that a thresher shark or blacktip reef shark? Test your shark knowledge and try to identify these species.

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