Four Reasons Every Diver Should Be a DAN Member

Would you spend US$35 per year to avoid paying US$150,000 in medical evacuation expenses? What if that US$35 supported underfunded hyperbaric chambers and dive safety research?

When you join Divers Alert Network (DAN), you get valuable benefits and support the diving community at the same time. DAN membership protects you against costly emergency medical evacuation expenses and supports dive safety research and assistance for scuba divers everywhere. Membership costs US$35* per year for individuals and US$55* for families. (*Residents of Canada add $5.)

Top 3 Benefits of DAN Membership

1. In an emergency, DAN is there to help you and your family. With the 24-hour DAN Emergency Hotline and US$150,000 emergency medical evacuation coverage, you can call on DAN in the event of a diving or nondiving emergency.

  • Return of Dependent Children – If you end up in the hospital while traveling with your children, DAN TravelAssist can arrange and pay for a one-way economy-class ticket for them to be with someone who can look after them until you are well enough to return home. Qualified escorts are provided at no charge, if necessary.
  • Return of Traveling Companion – If you have a medical emergency that causes your traveling companion to miss a flight, DAN TravelAssist will arrange and pay for one‐way economy airfare to return your traveling companion to his or her original departure point.
  • Visit of Family Member or Friend – If you’re traveling alone and experience a medical emergency that requires (expected) hospitalization for more than seven consecutive days, DAN TravelAssist will arrange and pay for economy round‐trip airfare for a visitor of your choice.

2. DAN has answers to diving health and safety questions. Talk directly with medical specialists on DAN’s non-emergency medical information line, or email your questions to .

3. Membership grants access to DAN Dive Accident Insurance.

Additional DAN membership benefits include:

  • DAN’s Dive and Travel Medical Guide – an essential reference guide for the prevention, identification and treatment of diving injuries.
  • A subscription to Alert Diver magazine – DAN’s award-winning publication keeps you up to date on dive medicine and research, underwater photography, dive destinations and marine environmental issues.
  • Online resources – including safety seminars and a library of health and fitness guides.
  • Prescription Assistance – Forgot your medication? If you need prescription medication or eyeglasses while traveling, DAN TravelAssist will locate and arrange to send replacement medications (at your expense) when possible and legally permissible.

DAN Family Membership

Families who dive can take advantage of a DAN membership. For US$55/year, a spouse or cohabitant and all unmarried dependent children under 18 can enjoy the same great benefits.

DAN Membership Benefits Divers Worldwide

Need one more reason to join DAN? In addition to the great benefits, DAN member dues fund important research and grant programs that improve dive safety for all. DAN provides assistance to physicians and health-care providers evaluating patients with dive-related illnesses or injuries or assessing fitness to dive.

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