Motorcycle Wreck Highlights DAN’s Value

In the aftermath of a life-changing emergency, the people involved should be able to focus on healing and recovery rather than coordinating medical care and figuring out how to handle expenses. That’s why many divers and travelers opt for DAN membership and insurance, which provide assistance with both logistics and covering costs to help minimize stress. With emergency assistance and insurance services under one roof, DAN helps its members focus on what truly matters.

Ron and his partner Laurie were touring Nova Scotia on their motorcycle on a July afternoon, accompanied by two family members on another bike. While riding at about 50 miles per hour, Ron lost control of the bike. He and Laurie plowed through a ditch and hit a stone retaining wall — Laurie was thrown 30 feet into the road, and Ron landed with the motorcycle.

Their injuries were serious and extensive: Both broke their pelvises, and Ron broke his left arm and three ribs as well. He also suffered a punctured lung, intestinal and bladder perforations, and a severe concussion.

They were originally transported to separate hospitals — Ron was helicoptered to a facility in Halifax while Laurie was transported via ambulance to a local hospital. She was eventually transported to the same hospital as Ron to better treat her broken pelvis.

As a result of the concussion, Ron was semi-comatose for nine days until hospital staff were able to safely awaken him with medications. Upon waking in the intensive care unit (ICU), he was overjoyed to see Laurie sitting in her wheelchair nearby. The two planned to return to the United States to undergo rehab at a facility in New Hampshire once they were able to travel. 

But a complication in their evacuation plans arose when a hospital social worker alerted Ron that his motorcycle insurance company and his health insurance company were disputing which company should cover those expenses. This would have left them stranded in Canada for weeks until a resolution could be found.

Ron had a third option: DAN. Upon hearing about the dispute, Ron directed the social worker to get his DAN membership card out of his wallet and call the listed number. He knew everything would be taken care of. After 20 minutes on the phone, the social worker was able to coordinate the transfer and subsequent bills with DAN — and was flabbergasted by how easily and quickly the situation was resolved.

But before the evacuation could be carried out, Ron unfortunately suffered from several complications including a blood clot in his arm, which cut off blood flow. Ron required yet another surgery.

When Ron and Laurie were finally able to travel, DAN arranged everything. They were taken by ambulance to an airport in Halifax and were flown New Hampshire. Customs agents met them on the tarmac and cleared them for entry. Then, they traveled via ambulances to a rehabilitation hospital about an hour away.

The couple’s bills were substantial; the transportation costs alone were $23,000, but DAN covered everything. After dealing with three insurance companies, Ron said that working with DAN was a breeze.

“The easiest part of the entire ordeal was when DAN took care of things for us,” said Ron. “The DAN staff were professional, caring, and helpful through it all. I implore every diver I meet to join DAN. DAN was certainly there for us.”

For only US$40 per year for an individual or US$60 per year for a family, DAN takes the guesswork out of emergency logistics. Once a member calls the 24/7 hotline, DAN arranges whatever care is needed — including evacuations and complex air travel arrangements if needed. Behind the scenes, DAN specialists coordinate medical care and transportation with local agencies, and in dive emergencies, DAN medical staff can even consult with local physicians who may not be familiar with dive medicine.

DAN makes insurance easy. With more than 40 years of experience managing emergencies around the globe, DAN ensures you get to fully enjoy your travels. Learn more about the benefits of being a DAN member.