Instituting a Culture of Safety

A culture of safety in diving is incredibly important as it keeps incidents and accidents down, and fosters a learning culture. Read more about the importance of putting safety first, and how it could change the industry and sport.

A bearded diver plugs nose while other diver is nearby

The Effect of Experience on Risk

Even well-experienced divers are still subject to risk, as many incidents are caused by them going beyond their experiences and training. Read more from our experts on the measurement of experience.

Female diver gives OK hand gesture to other female diver

Hyperbaric Chambers for Dive Injuries

Hyperbaric chambers are often the definitive treatment for decompression illness. There are also several different types of chambers, not all are suitable for treating decompression illness. Read more about hyperbaric chambers, treatments and availability.

Hyperbaric chamber with five people — three people in chairs and two people in hospital beds.

Children and Diving

What are the real concerns with children and diving? Our experts discuss this often controversial topic to find out how well children can handle the pressure.

Adult diver is holding a sea critter to show child diver

Immersion Pulmonary Edema

Immersion pulmonary edema (IPE) is observed in swimmers and divers with no apparent underlying medical condition. Pulmonary edema is an abnormal leakage of fluid from the bloodstream into the alveoli. Our experts answer your IPE questions.

Drysuit diver surfaces and gasps for air

Tank Valves and Out-of-Air Emergencies

Out-of-air situations are the most common cause of fatal diving accidents. Surprisingly, these problems sometimes occur at the very beginning of dives when the diver should still have a full tank of compressed gas. How is this possible?

Female diver makes an out-of-air hand signal

The Validation of Dive Computer Decompression Safety

How do you determine what’s safe and what’s not? Dive computers have mostly replaced the common usage of decompression tables in rec diving. However, there is a lack of hard data on the validation of decompression safety. Read more.

Female diver looks at dive computer attached to left wrist

Tobacco, Marijuana and Asthma

Asthma affects smokers — of tobacco and marijuana — differently. Asthma also impacts divers. Read more about the link between asthma and smoking.

Pot bud and a blue pot pipe

Oxygen as Definitive Treatment

Can oxygen first aid be considered a definitive treatment for post-dive symptoms? Our experts weigh in on this treatment option.

Man in blue T-shirt prepares a green oxygen tank for use