Scuba Diving and Life Expectancy

A lot of research has been done on life expectancy, but does recreational diving make an impact? We asked the experts some burning questions.

A group of divers dawdle on a dock at sunset. A boat is in the background.

Understanding Oxygen Toxicity

Oxygen toxicity has been known for years, but researchers are still understanding its causes and mechanisms. Learn more about oxygen toxicity, including who is at risk, effects on the nervous system and more.

Woman wears some kind of bubble helmet

Up to the Challenge

Cave diver Ben Reymenants discusses the challenges of rescuing young soccer players from a cave in Thailand.

Thai Navy SEALs and civil engineers prepare more pipelines to pump more than 3 billion liters (nearly 800 million gallons) of water out of the flooded cave.

Effects of Diving on the Brain

It is unknown what kind of effect diving has on the brain, but some researchers have found “white spots” in the brain with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Read expert opinions on diving and brain health.

Two freedivers ascend in a wave of bubbles

Sunscreen Safety

Consumers who use sunscreen have both environmental and health questions about these products, especially as cities and states in the U.S. as well as Caribbean and Pacific destinations begin to either enact or consider sunscreen bans. The ingredients and effects of commercially available sunscreens are controversial among health experts as well as ecologists, and it’s difficult to determine the effectiveness of sunscreen. Other considerations are the link between sunburns and cancer as well as the varied uptake of sunscreen application for people of different races, sexes and levels of outdoor activity.

Conservative Diving

A conservative mentality to diving and risk mitigation may help deter decompression sickness. Learn more about conservative diving.

Scientist man, wearing glasses, stands in lab and holds clipboard

Head Injuries and Diving

If you have a history of head injuries, it may impact your ability to dive. Our experts answer questions pertaining to head injuries.

A woman holds her head. Her head is injured.

Air, Nitrox and Fatigue

Is there any solid evidence to support the observation that nitrox reduces fatigue? The experts weigh in on the intersection of air, nitrox and fatigue.

Man in blue T-shirt rests in front of cylinders

Legal Liability in Diving

Lawsuits are prevalent in modern society, and the diving community is not immune to them. It’s important for both certified divers and dive operators to understand their legal rights and responsibilities. We ask the experts.

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