Diving and Hepatitis C

Can an individual with hepatitis C dive? Our experts answered questions pertaining to the condition.

A gloved hand holds up a HCV positive test

The Future of Dive Medicine

Scientific research will propel dive medicine into the future creating a safer sport. Advances in cancer research and other diseases can help dive medicine specialists treat and cure dive maladies like decompression sickness.

A diver swims next to a coral-encrusted shipwreck

Physical Fitness for Diving

The physical fitness requirements for diving depend on a number of factors. How can you evaluate your physical fitness? Learn more about a practical approach.

Man scuba dives in pool lane

Marijuana & Diving

As marijuana legalization increases throughout the United States, it is important to see how marijuana use could potentially impact a diver’s abilities.

Doctor handling marijuana buds


CPR is a vital tool in saving a life, but the guidelines change about every five years. DAN experts discuss the changing CPR requirements and techniques. Learn more about how to perform life-saving CPR.

Group of people gather around a purple yoga mat to learn CPR techniques

Instituting a Culture of Safety

A culture of safety in diving is incredibly important as it keeps incidents and accidents down, and fosters a learning culture. Read more about the importance of putting safety first, and how it could change the industry and sport.

A bearded diver plugs nose while other diver is nearby

The Effect of Experience on Risk

Even well-experienced divers are still subject to risk, as many incidents are caused by them going beyond their experiences and training. Read more from our experts on the measurement of experience.

Female diver gives OK hand gesture to other female diver

Children and Diving

What are the real concerns with children and diving? Our experts discuss this often controversial topic to find out how well children can handle the pressure.

Adult diver is holding a sea critter to show child diver

Deep Stops

Could the implementation of a deep stop stave off decompression sickness. Learn more about the deep stop and DAN experts weigh in.

Three divers pause on a mooring line for a stop during their ascent

Tobacco, Marijuana and Asthma

Asthma affects smokers — of tobacco and marijuana — differently. Asthma also impacts divers. Read more about the link between asthma and smoking.

Pot bud and a blue pot pipe