Cylinder Safety

Users must operate cylinders within design parameters, such as filling only to the rated service pressure and having cylinders inspected by formally trained and qualified technicians and requalified by a reputable, recognized test facility. More than 90 percent of ruptures occur during filling, so diligent inspection during this process is critical. Cylinders should operate safely throughout their entire service lives if users adhere to design and operating conditions.

Young man in blue shirt fills scuba cylinders.

Get Wet, Dive Dry

Drysuits enable divers to dive longer and test their own abilities. Do you know drysuit basics? Cultivate a better understanding of drysuits and how to find the right one.

Happy male diver helps a female diver into her wetsuit by the trunk of a car

Heated Garments

GEAR Heated Garments By Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D. GETTING COLD ON A DIVE IS UNPLEASANT, but if it progresses to hypothermia, it becomes potentially fatal. Even more than discomfort, considering the physiological and psychological stress it can cause, being cold is potentially risky. Every diver has an individual tolerance to temperature exposure, especially to cold water. […]

Do You Know What You’re Breathing

A rebreather diver respires an artificial atmosphere that changes dynamically with depth over the course of a dive.

A rebreather diver poses in a cave and wears a blue and black wetsuit

Breathe In, Breathe Out

A scuba regulator enables humans to breathe regularly. Get the basics on scuba regulators.

Diver in yellow fins floats above corals

Gear-Related Incidents

Faulty or improperly used gear can quickly change and impact a dive. Read gear-related dive incident reports and avoid these mistakes.

Woman in pink scuba gear swims near fish

Defining Performance

Do you know how to find the right pair of fins to fit your feet? Read our best tips on finding the right fins for you.

A person's legs, wearing red fins, stick out of tropical beach waters

Accessorize Your Dive

Quality dive accessories exist to make diving not only safer but also simpler and more enjoyable. Get tips and the inside scoop on the best dive accessories you didn’t know you needed.

Diver holds up a few accessories


Wetsuits are a personal choice for every diver — do you know what to look for and what you need? It’s time to breakdown wetsuits with what you need to know.

Two divers peer through a coral structure while diving


Do you fully understand the origins of breathing gas? Learn more about the art and science of producing breathing gas.

Man holds an oxygen tank