Wetsuits are a personal choice for every diver — do you know what to look for and what you need? It’s time to breakdown wetsuits with what you need to know.

Two divers peer through a coral structure while diving


Do you fully understand the origins of breathing gas? Learn more about the art and science of producing breathing gas.

Man holds an oxygen tank

How Split Fins Work

Split fins work in a specific way that enables reduced drag and enables enhanced propulsion. Read more about split fins.

Close up of fins in water

Freediving Gear

Taking up freediving but have zero clue what gear you need? Freediving gear is designed to simply enhance your breath-hold diving capabilities. Learn more about the right gear.

Freediver floats above a reef

Nautilus Lifeline

The Nautilus Lifeline is a revolutionary new safety product that offers divers the ability to send a GPS-specific distress signal to nearby and responding boats. Read more about the Nautilus Lifeline.

Female diver holds signaling device and is also waving down a boat

Snorkels: Pros and Cons

Snorkels are a useful piece of equipment but come with pros and cons. Learn more about snorkels, when to use them and if you need one.

Two snorkelers snorkel in a tropical locale

Staying Neutral

The buoyancy compensator device (BCD) is incredibly complicated. Many have integrated weight systems and/or an integrated alternate-air inflator. Understanding your BCD is critical to staying neutral.

Scuba diver floats upward and is surrounded by bubbles

Establishing a Baseline

Dive computers use various methods to determine surface pressure, and some are more accurate than others. Learn more about dive computers and finding the right one for you.

Shot of a fancy dive computer

A Clear Picture

Dive masks are critical pieces of dive gear enabling someone to do so much. Get the basics on dive masks.

Black dive mask with red outline around eye sockets

Equipment for Dive Emergency Prevention & Response

Equipment can prove necessary in a dive emergency — but do you know what to stock? From glow sticks to knives, it’s important to be prepared for all scenarios. Learn about equipment options for all kinds of dive and boat emergencies.

DAN emergency signaling kit has a whistle and glow stick