Diving into Lake Champlain’s History

October is the perfect time to enjoy Lake Champlain’s wrecks as well as the surrounding colorful foliage. The dive destination has a lot to offer. Learn more!

Diver Lars Brinkmann illuminates the old wooden ship’s wheel on the wreck of the O.J. Walker, one of 10 historic shipwrecks preserved in Lake Champlain.

Rhode Islands Blues — And Makos

Don’t let its size fool you: Rhode Island offers divers a lot to see — including some great shark sightings. Read more about where and how to dive in Rhode Island.

A shortfin mako has beady eyes and its mouth is open. It looks fierce and hungry

Shipwreck Empire

North Carolina boasts 301 miles of coastline and is known as a wreck diver’s paradise. There are wrecks for every experience level from novice to advanced technical diving.

Dive photographer shoots image of shipwreck

Dutch Springs

Pennsylvania is not known as a premier dive destination, but on the east side of the state is a gem for divers. Dutch Springs is an old quarry-turned-lake and was made into a scuba diving facility.

Rebreather diver Josh Dykeman swims through “the jet” for the first time a few months after it was sunk in Dutch Springs as a new underwater attraction.

A Tale of Two Bays: Monterey & Carmel

Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay in California are great places to dive. The waters are temperate and the marine protected areas offer great sea life. Read more about diving the bays.

Two orange starfish and a purple starfish are stuck to a rock

Anacapa Island, California

Anacapa Island, California, offers divers pristine coral reefs, undersea arches, abundant fish and playful pinnipeds — allwithin 14

Pink garibaldi swims over pink plants

Flower Garden Banks

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is home to a variety of sea critters and is a treat to dive.

A gorgeous spotted whale shark swims freely

The St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River widens into a rich estuary. It’s a rich dive site with lots for divers to check out. Learn more about the St. Lawrence River.

A young fluffy seal takes shelter under a large piece of ice

Alger Underwater Preserve

Even in the worst weather, Alger Underwater Pass in Lake Superior has reliably good diving — and great shipwrecks. Red more about diving at Alger Underwater Preserve.

Rusted propeller of a very large, sunken ship

The Good Fortune of San Miguel Island

San Miguel Island is a tough place. It’s tough to get there, tough to stay there and tough to dive there. But, it offers some pretty sites.

A thick fog surrounds San Miguel Island.