Alaska’s Prince William Sound

Why would you want to dive Alaska’s Prince William Sound? One major draw is the yearly migration of the region’s salmon sharks that feast on spawning pink salmon.

A diver is in the middle of a rush of moon jellyfish

On a Mission

There’s a big difference between casual, submerged sightseeing — happy-snapping pictures of whatever you run across while blowing bubbles — and diving dedicated to carefully searching select sites, sometimes during […]

sixgill shark in the Salish Sea

Springs of Central Texas

I’M A NATIVE TEXAN, AND PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME how an underwater photographer originates from Texas. They are sometimes unaware of the rich underwater resources our state offers. Our dive opportunities are diverse …

Blue Heron Bridge

THE RELENTLESS AND POWERFUL NORTHWARD FLOW of the Gulf Stream’s clear, tropical waters provides Southeast Florida with beautiful and unique diving opportunities. Passing off the coast of Palm Beach County, […]

Treasure in Lake Michigan

WOULD YOU BE SURPRISED TO LEARN that treasure is beneath the surface of Lake Michigan? It’s true, and these treasures give us glimpses into our history. They aren’t found inside shipwrecks — the wrecks themselves are the treasures.

Nestled in God’s Pocket

A visit to God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, is worth experiencing wherever you live, local or not.

sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) rests on a rock

Oregon: Hiding in Plain Sight 

OREGON IS A PERPETUALLY POPULAR West Coast travel destination, especially for climbing, skiing, walking through verdant forests, or strolling along sandy beaches … and SCUBA DIVING!

San Diego

WHEN I MOVED TO SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, from New England in January 2007, I knew next to nothing about the area. As I made my way across the country, I […]