Salmon Sharks

Why would you want to dive Alaska’s Prince William Sound? One major draw is the yearly migration of the region’s salmon sharks that feast on spawning pink salmon.

A happy salmon sharks swims the waters of Alaska


Vancouver Island boasts fantastic shipwrecks, stunning marine life and more. There are plenty of photo opportunities both underwater and above. Read more about traveling to Vancouver Island and how to dive it.

Diver hovers over a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

Howe Sound

With nearly 16,000 miles of rugged coastline and more than 40,000 islands and islets, British Columbia’s Howe Sound features fantastic marine life and spectacular coldwater scuba adventures. Stretching 27 miles from its narrow head under lofty mountain peaks at Squamish to its wide-mouth opening into the Strait of Georgia just northwest of Vancouver, Howe Sound is North America’s southernmost fjord. This sea-to-sky corridor crafted by glaciers and perfected by time seems tailor-made for subsea exploration — reef and wreck, rec and tech.

The kelp greenling ranges from Alaska to California and grows up to 2 feet long.

Kauai’s Niihau

Get a first-hand look at diving in Kauai’s Niihau. The diver discusses searching for the Niihau volcano and more.

Diver swims behind a giant sea turtle

Howe Sound Photo Gallery

After reading about Howe Sound in Local Diving, discover more of the beauty of North America’s southernmost fjord in this photo gallery.

red Irish lord fish at Howe Sound

Why Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is Canada’s most eastern point and is not often considered a must-do dive destination. Hopefully, this article will change that. Learn more about why diving Newfoundland is world class.

Diver explores the engine room of a shipwreck

Lake Michigan

My first dive in the Great Lakes was 20 years ago. I remember vividly the descent into dark green water. Soon after that dive I moved to Florida with my family and forgot all about the Great Lakes because I had warm water and tropical reefs in my backyard. Fast-forward to five years ago and […]

A diver explores an old wooden schooner shipwreck

Bonne Terre Mine

Located in Missouri, Bonne Terre Mine was closed in 1961 and has since been converted to a haven for scuba divers. Read more about how to dive at Bonne Terre Mine.

Diver approaches pile of old railroad ties

Keystone Jetty, Washington

Keystone Jetty is as standout in the long list of Washington-state dive sites. A diver can find a bevvy of interesting sea creatures. Learn more about how to dive Keystone Jetty.

An old male wolf-eel chomps a crab.

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula, at the tip of Washington state, has impressive topography, stellar marine life, interesting rock formations and much more. Learn more about diving the Olympic Peninsula.

Several orca whales pop their fins out of water