San Clemente Island, California

San Clemente Island, Calif., is owned and operated by the U.S. Navy but surrounding waters are open to divers. Learn more about diving San Clemente Island.

An angry Pacific rock crab stands in front of a red gorgonian

Springs of Central Texas

I’M A NATIVE TEXAN, AND PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME how an underwater photographer originates from Texas. They are sometimes unaware of the rich underwater resources our state offers. Our dive opportunities are diverse …

Santa Barbara: The Elusive Isle

Off of California’s coast is Santa Barbara Island, and it is teaming with delightful dive sites. Sea lions abound and there are plenty of other marine life. Learn more about diving in Santa Barbara Island.

Aerial view of Santa Barbara Island

San Diego, California

San Diego, Calif. is not just home to great beaches and beach towns — it also offers diverse dive opportunities from shipwrecks to animal encounters. Read more about diving in San Diego.

Diver distantly looks at a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

Blue Heron Bridge

THE RELENTLESS AND POWERFUL NORTHWARD FLOW of the Gulf Stream’s clear, tropical waters provides Southeast Florida with beautiful and unique diving opportunities. Passing off the coast of Palm Beach County, the warmer, constantly flowing water nourishes and replenishes reefs and corals that support and attract an incredible diversity of marine life. The reefs offshore are […]

Alabama’s Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast of Alabama is home to some great diving including the largest artificial reef program in the United States. Read more about diving in Alabama.

Blue-green angelfish over red corals

The Quarries of Northwest Ohio

Ohio is more than a flat cornfield. Northwest Ohio quarries are unknown diving gems. Divers can practice their skills and explore unique attractions sunk specifically to entertain divers. Read more about diving in Ohio.

Two divers approach a sunken speed boat

Treasure in Lake Michigan

WOULD YOU BE SURPRISED TO LEARN that treasure is beneath the surface of Lake Michigan? It’s true, and these treasures give us glimpses into our history. They aren’t found inside shipwrecks — the wrecks themselves are the treasures.

Between the Depths and the Shallows

Cape Cod offers great diving with saltwater ponds, narrow creeks, marshes and more. There are also great critters to see. Read more about what Cape Cod has to offer and how to dive it.

Back-lit lily pads look pink in color

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a small land mass barely 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The coastline and area offer countless diving possibilities. Read more about diving around Catalina Island.

Two drysuit divers swim through kelp forest