Save a Diver, Save Yourself

Divers can’t save themselves unless they understand what’s happening and how to evaluate the problem, keep breathing and act. It sounds simple, but the rescue diver course helped me solidify my safety and survival skills. I may not remember every detail, but one item still stands out for me as invaluable for a new diver: Any dive can be stopped at any time, for any reason, without question. To that I would add “and without embarrassment.” That advice would eventually save me.

Divers geared up make their way from the shore to the water.

Keep Your Skills Sharp

An emergency skills instructor saw first-hand how these important skills matter. His friend was able to help his mother when she was choking. Read more about important safety skills.

Man performs Heimlich on a woman

Prepared to Act

Pure oxygen can save a person’s life when administered correctly — but oxygen administration is a skill not everyone has. Learn more.

Boat named Dread Knot docked

A Near-Fatal Field Trip

Two DAN members share their stories of separate field trips going array and how their safety training skills were incredibly helpful.

Children splash around a waterpark

Teamwork and Training

About to start a dive, a group of divers were asked to help a potential drowning victim. Training kicked in and they provided relief. Read more about this heroic story.

Unconscious man on beach gets help from a scuba diver

Dive Decisions

Dive training and skills can prevent emergencies. Read the story of how one diver repeatedly met situations where their dive training was crucial.

Diver cautiously enters a shipwreck while holding a light

A Unique Solution

In an effort to improve the facility’s diver rescue capabilities, Dutch Springs recently upgraded its rescue vessel to a custom-built pontoon boat with a platform for transporting an injured diver.

A small pontoon boat pulls up to a ramp. There is an injured diver on the boat

Where’s Dave?

When a diver popped up before his buddy, he started immediately coordinating with the divemaster and boat operator to coordinate a search. Thankfully, the buddy was found unharmed.

Submerged diver deploys a red surface marker

Do Something!

Even if your skills aren’t perfect, you can still make a difference. Read a first-person story about how basic first-aid skills came in handy in saving a life.

A male and female diver pose for the camera. Silver fish are in the background.

You Never Know

A vacation on a cruise ship, was littered with jellyfish run ins. But thanks to quick thinking, a DAN member’s training were vital in preventing serious injuries.

Two snorkelers surface outside their cruise ship