Easy Save

“Easy saves” could be some last-minute words, a double check or anything that catches you before you dive into a possible bad situation. Read more about one easy save a diver had.

Male diver looks at computer while female scolds him

Unconscious Diver

FEBRUARY 6, 2022 HAD ALL THE MAKINGS OF A PROMISING DAY out on the water in the Gulf of Mexico off Destin, Florida. Though I work at a dive shop, this was a recreational lionfish harvesting trip with friends …

Keep Your Head

When conditions took an abrupt and unexpected turn during an exotic warm-water dive, our dive leader decided to abort. In these situations, it’s important to stay calm.

In a stock image, a diver swims through a cave. Another diver is in the background

Prepare to Get Found

Diver Jim surfaced before the rest of his group and unintentionally drifted in the water — separating him from the boat. Read more about how to play an active role in your rescue.

Diver wades next to red diver marker at sunset

Emergency Oxygen

IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL, WARM SATURDAY IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. We were conducting two checkout dives for an advanced open-water course at a popular dive site in Puget Sound. I had just gotten some divers out of the water, and we were debriefing onshore as divers from a basic open-water class exited the water with […]

emergency oxygen DAN first aid courses 3.0

Risk and Redundancy

Modern dive computers can give us a wealth of information, but what if yours fails? Equipment redundancy, or having a backup, can help you know your true circumstances and prevent an injury or dangerous situation.

Diver checks dive computer strapped onto left arm

Blue Lagoon Rescue

The Blue Lagoon in Texas is a great place for divers to train. In the water, two divers sprang into action to help a diver with shortness of breath. Read more about how their emergency skills paid off.

A snorkel-wearing swimmer tows another snorkeler wearer through the water

Practice Crucial Skills

WORKING AS A MATE ON DIVE BOATS for the past 22 years has allowed me to be a part of many interesting situations. When teaching scuba classes, I use one particular situation as evidence of the importance of maintaining skills through regular practice.

A Rude Awakening

Although training emphasizes the theoretical aspects of safe freediving, sometimes it takes real-world experience to really make it sink in. Freediving is risky so it is always important to have your skills sharp.

Cory Wagner performs medical services in water

Now I Know Better

A dive photo instructor witnessed a diver perform a rapid, uncontrolled ascent to the surface. Thankfully, the dive instructor’s rescue training came in handy. Read more about the incident.

Two divers pause at coral review a checklist