Rising From the Rubble

Coral transplants in the Florida Keys are repopultating damaged reefs. Read more about the success of coral transplants.

Diver works on a cement wall that has repopulating coral growths

DAN Member Profile: Barry Olson

Barry Olson is a diver for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. and is a DAN member. Learn more about Barry’s career and why he’s a member of DAN.

A giant turtle rests on the floor of a tank and a diver peers over its shell

The Peculiar Fate of the Missing Mate

Signal gobies are cute fish and have unique courtship rituals. Read more about this peculiar affair.

Two gobies have stripes over their eyes and blue spots on their fins

Upper Body Strength

With a stronger upper body, you can easily lift your gear, climb an exit ladder, pull yourself up and perform other essential tasks. Learn the importance of upper-body strength and learn a great workout.

Barefoot man in a gray tank top performs a dumbbell push-up

Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve, Michigan

Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve is off the coast of Michigan and is a great dive site. Read more about this locale.

Drysuit diver takes a photo of a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Texas

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary has corals and small reef fish, but keep your eyes open for larger predators like whale sharks. Learn more about diving this Texas marine sanctuary.

A giant manta ray swims

Bent in Baja

A routine dive unfortunately did not go according to plan and resulted in a diver getting bent. Read his story and how DAN helped him every step of the way.

Advanced-skills diver holds a camera and stares off into a distance

Deep Stops

Could the implementation of a deep stop stave off decompression sickness. Learn more about the deep stop and DAN experts weigh in.

Three divers pause on a mooring line for a stop during their ascent