Deep Stops

Could the implementation of a deep stop stave off decompression sickness. Learn more about the deep stop and DAN experts weigh in.

Three divers pause on a mooring line for a stop during their ascent

Full Treatment

Emergency oxygen is only the first step to treating suspected cases of decompression illness. Read more about this serious diving incident.

Bald and bearded man stands outside a hyperbaric chamber and monitors it

Wilderness Wound Care

Even with safety precautions, someone could get hurt — are you prepared to treat any wound? Get the basics on wilderness wound care.

Purple-gloved hand rubs a wound with a white cloth to clean it

Right Place, Right Time, Right Skills

A newly certified Diving Medical Technician started a new job at a resort and their skills immediately came in handy. Read more about how the skills learned were used.

Diver has a bloody mouth and an oxygen mask on face

Shooter: Jerry Greenberg

Underwater photographer Jerry Greenberg has spent decades in the industry and has been a leading innovator. Read more about Jerry Greenberg.

Black-and-white photo of a diver swimming among fish

Shooting Great Whites

Great white sharks are immediately recognizable — so when you see one, do you know how to take a breathtaking photo? Glean tips on shooting great white sharks.

Open-mouthed great white shark swims toward camera

The Problem with Overfishing

Overfishing can cause irreversible damage to local ecosystems. Learn more about overfishing and how to combat it.

Nets are strewn about on a coral reef