Yap is the place to go for manta ray sightings. But Yap also is home to other great marine critters including mola mola, sharks and more. Learn more about traveling and diving in Yap.

Giant devil ray flaps at the camera

Now I Know Better

A dive photo instructor witnessed a diver perform a rapid, uncontrolled ascent to the surface. Thankfully, the dive instructor’s rescue training came in handy. Read more about the incident.

Two divers pause at coral review a checklist

Voices Under the Ice

Antarctica’s Ross Sea is one of the least-impacted marine ecosystems in the world today. Read more about the Ross Sea and its inhabitants who are well suited for the frigid climates and conditions.

A pod of penguins jump off ice and splash in the waters

Shooter: Amos Nachoum

Amos Nachoum is an accomplished dive and marine photographer. Read more about how Nachoum became interested in the intersection of diving and photography.

The dark silhouette of a Great White Shark

DAN Research

DAN Research is committed to making diving a safer sport through ongoing studies and projects. They follow trends in diving practices and examine causes, risk factors and mechanisms of injuries. Read more about DAN Research.

Woman performs respiratory test while man sits nearby tracking progress on laptop

Celebrating Slow

A slow shutter speed underwater can help light appear brighter, bring more light into the background and creates intentional blurs. Read more about using a slow shutter speed.

Female diver, in yellow suit, holds two flares in each hand

Diving into History in the Florida Keys

A once unidentified shipwreck in the Florida Keys was identified thanks to the help of volunteers and organizations. The wreck is part of Florida Keys history. Read more.

Volunteer diver takes notes on a shipwreck

Offshore Platforms

Offshore platforms actually house a lot of marine life and are popular dive sites because of it. Several oil platforms, however, are scheduled to be removed from the Gulf of Mexico. Read more about the platforms’ importance.

Offshore platform in the ocean at sunset

Occupational Hazards

A National Geographic dive photographer discusses the training he needed to capture one specific shot. Thanks to specific trainings, the photographer is able to dive safely and capture his shots.

Rebreather diver pops his head out of the water

Validation of Dive Computers

Dive computers have evolved rapidly since their inception, however, questions arose over the years over their safety. Read more about dive computers.

Variety of dive computers and watches on a red fabric