Learning to Rebreathe

Rebreather diving can be tricky for recreational divers especially in terms of relearning buoyancy control. Rebreather diving also does not change the amount of gas in the system, but simply moves the volume of gas back and forth. Learn more about how one rec diver learnt rebreather diving.

A man in rebreather gear stands next to a woman, in waist-deep water

Understanding Oxygen Toxicity

Oxygen toxicity has been known for years, but researchers are still understanding its causes and mechanisms. Learn more about oxygen toxicity, including who is at risk, effects on the nervous system and more.

Woman wears some kind of bubble helmet


Checklists may be the missing tool to safer diving. Checklists are used in other fields, not just diving, like aviation and surgery. Read more about the history and importance of checklists.

Male diver is sitting down and hand with checklist is in foreground

The Egyptian Red Sea

The Red Sea is a classic dive destination — a must-see locale regardless of where you live. The Red Sea has a rich variety of sea critters, landscapes, wrecks and more. Learn more about the Red Sea and how to dive it.

Split shot of sunset over coral reef

Don’t Ignore Your Medical History

A scientific diver, participating in training exercises with her team, became overheated and called off the dive. Read more about the incident, diagnosis, treatment and more.

Female diver in a drysuit holding a flashlight


Yap is the place to go for manta ray sightings. But Yap also is home to other great marine critters including mola mola, sharks and more. Learn more about traveling and diving in Yap.

Giant devil ray flaps at the camera

Now I Know Better

A dive photo instructor witnessed a diver perform a rapid, uncontrolled ascent to the surface. Thankfully, the dive instructor’s rescue training came in handy. Read more about the incident.

Two divers pause at coral review a checklist

Voices Under the Ice

Antarctica’s Ross Sea is one of the least-impacted marine ecosystems in the world today. Read more about the Ross Sea and its inhabitants who are well suited for the frigid climates and conditions.

A pod of penguins jump off ice and splash in the waters

Shooter: Amos Nachoum

Amos Nachoum is an accomplished dive and marine photographer. Read more about how Nachoum became interested in the intersection of diving and photography.

The dark silhouette of a Great White Shark