Fiji: Soft Coral Capital of the World

Fiji is a very accessible dive destination for North American travelers. The island boasts lively reefs and colorful fish, which encompass a world-class diving scene.

A diver holding a big underwater camera swims through a Fiji reef

Cenderawasih Bay

Recognizing the bay’s significance, in 2002 the provincial government and Conservation International established Taman Nasional Teluk Cenderawasih (Cenderawasih Bay National Park) as a marine protected area, the biggest in Indonesia.

A happy whale shark, with its mouth open, swims toward a diver

My Journey to Dive All 50 States

It was an ambitious goal, but one diver dove in all 50 states. It took over four years, but adventures had, memories made and lessons learned were worth it.

Diver Jennifer Idol wears her scuba suit and holds a camera

Defensive Dive Profile Planning

Decompression safety may be achieved by staying within dive computer or dive table limits, but decompression sickness (DCS) can develop even after dives that remain within prescribed limits. This article will discuss concepts important for conservative practices, some of the pitfalls that must be overcome, and practical strategies for defensive dive-profile planning and implementation.

Two divers swim up to corals

Sunscreen Pollution

While helpful for humans, sunscreen is detrimental to corals and underwater environments.

Person squirts sunscreen into palm

Twenty-Two Ancient Shipwrecks Found in Greece

On Greece’s coast, ancient shipwrecks were found dating back to Roman times. Ancient shipwrecks are a different treasure than simply diving regular shipwrecks.

Artifacts of an old Roman shipwreck

Trinidad’s Leatherbacks

This 100-million-year-old species is not your ordinary turtle. They are one of the world’s largest reptiles and travel the globe because of an evolutionary adaptation.

Underwater photographer shoots a leatherback turtle

DAN Member Profile: John Thompson

DAN member John Thompson shares why he is a DAN member and what he values most with the organization. Thompson also discusses his work with SUDS.

A group of SUDS divers hold a sign and pose for a group photo in sunny Kona

On Another Planet — Japan: Part 1

Diving in Japan exposes divers to colorful sea life and unique experiences. Learn more about diving in Japan.

Striped boarfish hanging out beneath a ledge. The fish looks like it has a beard on its lower lipl