Grand Cayman

Divers at Grand Cayman’s reefs are rewarded with crystal-clear blue waters, benign dive conditions and vast underwater vistas. Alex Mustard provides a macro view of small critters that may often go unnoticed, while Stephen Frink uses his wide-angle lens to showcase the area’s colorful reefs and gorgeous seascapes.

Travel Smarter: Managing Medications Abroad

Medication laws vary across the globe so whether you regularly take an over-the-counter pain pill or a daily prescription, prepare yourself for all possible scenarios when traveling.

Timeline of an Emergency Call

Receiving an average of 5,200 calls per year, the DAN® Emergency Hotline provides assistance to divers yearlong. From the initial call and throughout the entire process, DAN is there guiding all involved parties.


Shooter: Greg Lecoeur

Greg Lecoeur had an intense love of nature and the sea at an early age. He switched careers late in life and became an underwater photographer.


Shooting for Editorial

Photography is a key part of your dive adventures, but do you know how to properly let your images tell the story? Read these tips for envy-inducing photos.

Five Lessons for Cold-Water Diving

Cold-water diving presents new challenges to divers, so they need the correct gear and the correct mindset. With these considerations in mind, they can prefect the cold-water dive.

A cold-water diver floats near coral

Experience Matters

Do you fully understand and appreciate your role as a dive buddy? Read one woman’s story about the importance of accountability after nearly injuring her future husband.

A female diver and her buddy explores a reef

Fire Safety in the Dive Industry

Fires can usually be prevented, prepared for and managed. The cost of being ready doesn’t measure up to potential losses or a fatality. Planning for a fire emergency will protect your staff and business investment.

A fire extinguisher is used to extinguish a fire