Heart-Rate Training

Heart-rate training enables you to gauge how hard you’re exercising. You’re able to determine your exercise intensity which could lead to better overall fitness and fitness to dive.

Personal trainer is in plank position and drives right knee to right elbow

Lessons Learned

Always dive with a buddy, and always do your predive safety checks. Should a life-threatening situation arise, don’t panic. Taking the extra time for both yourself and your buddy before getting in the water is important for every diver on every dive.

Group of divers on boat practice hand signals

The Right to Refuse Service

Dive professionals assume personal risks when they lead divers underwater, and they are trained to deny service to divers who might compromise their own safety or the safety of others. Denying service to a paying customer can be difficult.

Woman tows an unconscious diver

Zeljko Dujic

A leading expert in breath-hold diving physiology, Professor Zeljko Dujic, M.D., Ph.D., is head of the department of integrative physiology at the University of Split in Croatia. To help commemorate Dujic’s 30th year at the University of Split, we met with him to discuss his research.

Breath-hold diver floats on her back

Big Sur

Big Sur in California, is known for its dramatic coastline and the juxtaposition of mountains and ocean. But, can Big Sur be experienced underwater?


Fishy Limits

Global fisheries may need to change their practices to accommodate for some newly found data on reproductive fish females. Implemented changes could greatly impact the world’s food supply.



Krill are a critical food source for a host of animals, including birds, whales, seals, sharks, fish and squid. Like many other marine animals, the blue whale depends largely on krill for survival. Protecting krill populations will promote not only the survival of a huge variety of marine life but also preserve krill sightings.


Pest Control

“Cleaning” has long been touted as an example of symbiotic mutualism, where two species benefit from a close relationship. But this relationship, may not be so clear-cut as once thought.


DIN Connectors Are No Yoke

Pick the valve or connector that best suits your diving lifestyle, and always stay within your limits: Equipment is no substitute for training.