Physical Fitness for Diving

The physical fitness requirements for diving depend on a number of factors. How can you evaluate your physical fitness? Learn more about a practical approach.

Man scuba dives in pool lane

The Maldives

The Maldives is a prime diving locale, with great animal encounters and attractions. Learn more about the Maldives and how to dive there.

With anthias in the background at Noonu Atoll, a giant moray eel gapes at the camera.

Hypoxia in Breath-Hold Diving

Freediving is growing in popularity but the sport does come with risks because of how divers hold their breaths for long durations. Learn more about the safety of freediving.

A freediver swims through a school of fish

Finding Treasure in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) inspired the book “Treasure Island” and is itself a treasure to dive. Learn more about diving the BVI and what to expect.

Nurse shark swims over coral

Aging and Diving

DAN medics and researchers answer your questions about dive medicine.

Four divers in dive gear float next to a dive boat

Giants of the Undead Med

Fin whales push the extremes of the animal kingdom in speed, size and feeding ecology. They are one of the largest creatures on the planet and one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean.

A pod of four longfin pilot whales

Teamwork and Training

About to start a dive, a group of divers were asked to help a potential drowning victim. Training kicked in and they provided relief. Read more about this heroic story.

Unconscious man on beach gets help from a scuba diver

Dietary Supplements and Healthy Foods for Divers

Dietary supplements are clearly helpful and can be added into someone’s health regime. But finding the right supplement can be hard or confusing. Learn the best dietary supplements for divers.

Spoonful of dietary pills with fruits and veggies in the background

If You Can’t Equalize, Abort

Read one diver’s story about how a routine dive resulted in vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms.

A male and female diver each give the camera the OK sign

Ocean Views 2016: Change the World

The entrants of this year’s Ocean Views photo contest are truly ambassadors for our ocean world. As photographer Brian Skerry states in his introduction to the contest gallery, “The images were produce bear witness to the fact this stunning realm exists.”

Gray seal in kelp