The Maldives

The Maldives is a prime diving locale, with great animal encounters and attractions. Learn more about the Maldives and how to dive there.

With anthias in the background at Noonu Atoll, a giant moray eel gapes at the camera.

Finding Treasure in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) inspired the book “Treasure Island” and is itself a treasure to dive. Learn more about diving the BVI and what to expect.

Nurse shark swims over coral

Giants of the Undead Med

Fin whales push the extremes of the animal kingdom in speed, size and feeding ecology. They are one of the largest creatures on the planet and one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean.

A pod of four longfin pilot whales

Dietary Supplements and Healthy Foods for Divers

Dietary supplements are clearly helpful and can be added into someone’s health regime. But finding the right supplement can be hard or confusing. Learn the best dietary supplements for divers.

Spoonful of dietary pills with fruits and veggies in the background

Ocean Views 2016: Change the World

The entrants of this year’s Ocean Views photo contest are truly ambassadors for our ocean world. As photographer Brian Skerry states in his introduction to the contest gallery, “The images were produce bear witness to the fact this stunning realm exists.”

Gray seal in kelp

Exploring the Heart of Bell Island

The Bell Island mines were attacked in WWII, and today, artifacts from the mine are submerged underwater making an interesting dive expedition. Crews are set to visually archive the artifacts.

A female diver is submerged and documenting sunken artifacts

Lionfish: Managing the Invasion

Lionfish are an invasive species globally but divers and the dive industry have been effective at controlling the lionfish populations. Different strategies help keep the populations low, but a new program tags the lionfish to learn more about them.

Two divers tag a lionfish

Elevating the Standard of Care

In late 2015, as part of DAN’s Recompression Chamber Assistance Program (RCAP), DAN sent staff to Saba to help improve medical care for divers.

Mountain town next to ocean

DAN Member Profile: Stephanie Arne

DAN member Stephanie Arne is the first female host of Mutual of Omaha’s Animal Kingdom. Read more about Stephanie’s story and why she is a DAN member.

Stephanie Arne Headshot in water