Eating Our Way Out

Lionfish pose a threat to native species as their numbers are skyrocketing out of control. The best way to solve the problem of invasive lionfish? A fork.

A diver uses a ZooKeeper containment device to safely store a speared lionfish.

Flower Garden Banks

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is home to a variety of sea critters and is a treat to dive.

A gorgeous spotted whale shark swims freely

Mouths Full of Eggs

Eggs are a dinnertime delicacy in reefs around the world, which means protecting nests is hard work. Ironically, the safest place to hide eggs may be in the mouth.

A cardinalfish has its mouth full of orange eggs

Oxygen Sensing in Rebreather Diving

Reliable measurement of oxygen is the technology that makes mixed-gas closed-circuit rebreathers (CCRs) possible. The first digital solid-state CCR sensor was made available in Spring 2017, and has greater accuracy and reliability.

A diver photographs a temperature logger that is lodged into a coral

Member to Member: A Reef in the Living Room

Aquariums can house your own slice of indoor reef life — complete with colorful fish, corals and spunky crabs. Follow these tips to create your perfect aquarium.

A big saltwater fish tank stands proudly in a living room.

DAN Member Profile: Jim W. Bunch

DAN member, diver and author Jim W. Bunch talks about discovering and exploring underwaters wrecks on the shores of North Carolina.

In a black-and-white image, Jim Bunch inspects a shipwreck

High on Mercury

Grouper populations are on the rebound thanks to protection efforts. But a major threat to these fish remains: mercury.

A school of angry-looking grouper

School of Sharks

School is in session! Shark experts pooled together in the nonprofit organization Sharks4Kids, teaching families around the world about sharks — setting the record straight.

Researchers and students on a boat, tag a shark

The Keys to Our Hearts

In 2016, DAN conducted research into the effects of diving on heart rhythm. Learn more about the research, methods and some early results.

A DAN researcher records an electrocardiogram (EKG) of a diver during a cardiac health study of divers over 40.

Celebrating Sharks

Late filmmaker Rob Stewart used his films to celebrate sharks and bring attention to their plight. His inspiration and passion for shark conservation live on.

With other sharks in the background, a great white shark smiles to the camera. It's ready for its close up