Beyond Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s gateway to the Andaman Sea. Regardless of whether you head north or south from this vibrant dive mecca, prepare to be amazed.

Lone woman on beach reads a book


Grenada has everything divers could want and need: a plethora of shipwrecks, lush reefs, a statue-filled underwater park, friendly residents and so much more. Learn more about diving Grenada.

Charming waterfront of St. George with cute buildings

Sea Turtles of the World

Sea turtles have been around for millions of years, and underwater photographer Doug Perine has captured images for every living species of sea turtle.

Large group of very tiny leatherback turtle hatchlings crawl toward the water from beach

Dan Orr

Dan Orr has committed his entire career to scuba diving and came to DAN in 1991. Read more about Dan Orr’s career and life.

Scuba diver Dan Orr is submerged and holding a red DAN flag

Great White Scavengers

Great white sharks are the ocean’s largest predatory fish yet not much is known about them. Learn more about a recent study on great white sharks. The study had the researchers rethinking what they previously knew about these sharks.

Great white shark tears apart a whale carcass

The Chamber on Catalina Island

The hyperbaric chamber at Catalina Island has been serving divers for 40 years. The chamber is open 24 hours per day and is one of only two that is dedicated solely to divers. Read more about this nearly all-volunteer crew and facility.

Very blue hyperbaric chamber is in a shack

The Great Storm of 1913

A 1913 storm on the Great Lakes is still considered one of the worst weather-related disasters in U.S. maritime history. About 250 sailors died and at least a dozen ships were smashed. Learn more about this tragic 1913 storm.

Waves crash against a red lighthouse

DAN Member Profile: “Ocean” Annie Crawley

DAN Member “Ocean” Annie Crawley aims to educate children on the beauties of the ocean through a series of different educator guides. Read more about this DAN member.

Blonde woman stands behind camera with a long lens

Messing with Mother Nature

The behavior of a cleaner shrimp is witnessed firsthand by an unsuspecting woman. Read more about this cleaner shrimp.

Yellow-red shrimp walks on the open mouth of a spotted fish