Ocean Views 2017

As part of the 2017 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards annual competition, the Ocean Views category honors those photographers whose skill and creative vision have captured a frozen moment in time that can bring attention to both the bounty and fragility of the marine ecosystems found in and near our underwater world.

A group of king penguins go for a walk at sunset

The Most Important Fish in the Sea

Menhaden, also known as bunker, are forage fish that play a critical role in the ocean food web. They are a vital source of food for wildlife up and down North America’s Atlantic seaboard. But their population management ignores the importance of the food web. Learn more and what you can do.

Four fishermen grasping net of menhaden

Air Hoses: A Closer Look

Air hose malfunction can be a very serious safety concern. From yellow “crystals” to degraded linings, air hoses are essential pieces of equipment. Learn more about air hoses.

A failed hose is ripped and crystals are everywhere

Dragon Road, Part 1

Any animal that looks as unconventional as a seadragon must also have an unconventional sex life. Unlike most marine fishes, which reproduce by spontaneously releasing and leaving behind thousands of tiny eggs in the open ocean, seadragons brood their large eggs attached to the tails of males for a month.

A yellow seadragon is floating through kelp

Severe DCS in the South Pacific

Severe neck and shoulder pain plagued one diver after a day of scuba diving in the South Pacific. The pain worsened and other symptoms developed, but local treatments were not an option. Thanks to DAN, treatments were coordinated.

A diver fights strong currents by holding a line

Mola Molas

Mola molas, or sunfish, are some of the heaviest bony fish in the world. They are interesting creatures who dine on jellyfish.

A giant blue-gray mola mola swims through kelp

Escape from the Bubble Cloud

When his regulator hose burst during a dive, a diver not only lost his primary air source, he also was engulfed by a cloud of bubbles that made it nearly impossible to see or hear.

A female dive buddy gives her dive buddy the regulator so he can get air

Bali’s Mola Diving

Mola molas, or sunfish, are some of the heaviest bony fish in the world. You can see these creatures firsthand in Bali.

A mola mola breaks the ocean surface and a cute bubble comes from its mouth

Group Fitness at the Pool

Group fitness classes are appealing to many — but add a little water for a splash of fun! Discover some great pool fitness classes to boost health and performance.

A group of female swimmers swim laps at a pool.