Group Fitness at the Pool

Group fitness classes are appealing to many — but add a little water for a splash of fun! Discover some great pool fitness classes to boost health and performance.

A group of female swimmers swim laps at a pool.

The Good Fortune of San Miguel Island

San Miguel Island is a tough place. It’s tough to get there, tough to stay there and tough to dive there. But, it offers some pretty sites.

A thick fog surrounds San Miguel Island.

Inert Gas Washout

DAN medics and researchers answer your questions about dive medicine.

Four divers pose underwater

Traveling Light

When traveling to dive, consider taking along any of your own gear that’s complex, such as your dive computer, or that enhances your personal comfort or enjoyment, such as your mask or fins.

Masks, tanks, regulators and other rental gear stand by idly waiting for wearers.

Left at Sea

When diving offshore, always carry emergency signaling devices such as a surface marker buoy, signal mirror and emergency strobe.

A group of divers pose in the water. They are holding an emergency signaling device.

A New Mission

Force Blue involves highly skilled military veterans in marine conservation efforts. The veterans work with marine scientists on initiatives including invasive species (lionfish) removal.

Two divers extract invasive lionfish

Recompression Chamber Safety

DAN promotes safe chamber operations with research, education and training. Learn more about recompression chamber safety.

A group of doctors stand outside of a hyperbaric chamber chatting

DAN Member Profile: Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina Mittermeier has been recognized as a Sony Artisan of Imagery, one of Outdoor Photographer magazine’s 40 Most Influential Nature Photographers and a recipient of the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Conservation Photographer of the Year award.

Christina Mittermeier poses on a boat while holding a large digital camera

Extreme Exposure

Richard Moon, M.D., has spent his career studying phenomena of great interest to scuba divers — including decompression sickness. Learn more about the researcher Richard Moon.

A group of researchers surround a man hooked up to tubes and machines.

Diving with Dinosaurs

Considered critically endangered, smalltooth sawfish are under pressure from anglers who would take their rostrums as souvenirs and from the shark-fin trade. Many divers can go their whole lives without seeing one.

Three sawfish hang out at the bottom of the ocean